The Firebeards were a tribe of Dwarves who came from the Blue Mountains. They were paired in habitat with the Broadbeams[1], but each tribe had its own mansion. Tolkien, however, never specified whether the Firebeards lived in Nogrod or Belegost.


After the host of Dwarves from Nogrod was defeated by the elves of Ossiriand and the Ents led by Beren there is no more mention of Nogrod and Belegost in the Silmarillion but in Appendix A of Return of the King it is stated their people fled with the Dwarves of Belegost to Khazad-dûm and swelled its ranks. At the start of the War of the Dwarves and Orcs, the houses of the other Fathers of the Dwarves were called upon by Durin's Folk. Since they had been joined with Durin's Folk after the ruin of Beleriand and Thráin II Durin's Heir made his home in the remains of the ancient halls of the Firebeards in the Blue Mountains they were among the first to heed the summons. When Gandalf goes to the halls of Thorin Oakenshield they are in the ruins of Nogrod and Belegost.[2]


Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic النار اللحى
Azerbaijani Yanğın saqqallar
Catalan Barbes de foc
Czech Ohnivé vousy
Danish Brand skæg
Estonian Tulekahju habemed
Finnish Tuliparrat
Georgian ცეცხლი წვერები
German Feuerbärte
Hungarian Tűzszakállúak
Italian Barbafiamma
Kannada ಬೆಂಕಿ ಗಡ್ಡಗಳು
Kazakh Өрт сақалдар (Cyrillic) Ört saqaldar (Latin)
Latvian Uguns bārdas
Lithuanian Ugnies barzdos
Macedonian Cyrillic Оган бради
Persian فایربردها
Polish Ognistobrodzi
Portuguese Barbas do incêndio
Romanian Barba de foc
Russian Огнебороды
Sinhalese ගිනි රැවුල්
Slovak Oheň vousy
Slovenian Oheň vousy
Spanish Barbas del fuego
Swedish Brand skägger
Telugu ఫైర్ గడ్డాలు
Turkish Ateş sakallılar
Urdu آگ داڑھی
Yiddish פייַער בירדז
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