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Field of Celebrant

The Field of Celebrant in The Lord of the Rings Online

The Field of Celebrant was a field in northwestern Gondor.


It was here that the Easterlings known as "the Balchoth" waged open war against a weakened Gondor, and had already overrun most of Wilderland. Gondor had no allies left east of Anduin, and against hope had sent the Red Arrow north to the Éothéod, ancient allies of Gondor, but they had received no reply.

In 2510 the Balchoth crossed Anduin at numerous points, passing into the Wold in the north of Calenardhon, a province of Gondor. They met little resistance as Calenardhon had been mostly abandoned long before, and by the time the North Army of Gondor appeared from the fortresses of Isengard, Aglarond, and other fortresses in the White Mountains, the bulk of the Balchoth had crossed. The North Army counter-attacked, and was driven into the Wold, cut off from the later reinforcements by the Balchoth host. By the time the South Army appeared, the North Army had come under attack by an Orcs band which by chance or design had descended from the mountains, and the Dúnedain were backed against the river in a hopeless situation.

At this time the Éothéod under their leader Eorl the Young suddenly appeared, unexpected by friend or foe. The Éothéod crossed the Anduin at the Undeeps of the river, and broke on the rearguard of the Balchoth. The Balchoth were completely defeated by the armies of Gondor. The Éothéod continued their foray into northern Gondor, scattering and destroying all the Balchoth in Calenardhon.

After the battle. the Steward of Gondor Cirion gave the Éothéod the entire land of Calenardhon to dwell in as thanks. The Éothéod founded the Kingdom of Rohan there.


Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Celebrantveld
Albanian Fushës së Celebrant
Amharic ከለብራንት መስክ
Arabic ميدان كيليبرانت
Armenian Դաշտը Կելեբրանտ
Azerbaijani Celebrant tarla
Basque Celebrant Soro
Belarusian Cyrillic Поле Келебрант
Bengali কেলেব্রান্ট ক্ষেত্র
Bulgarian Cyrillic Полето на Келебрант
Catalan Camp de Celebrant
Chinese 凱勒布蘭特平原之
Cornish Gwel Celebrant
Corsican Campu di Celebrant
Croatian Polje Celebrant
Czech Pole Celebrant
Danish Celebrant Ager
Dutch Veld van Celebrant
Esperanto Kampo de Celebrant
Estonian Celebrant Põld
Filipino Kampo de Celebrant
Finnish Celebrantin kenttä
French Champ de la Celebrant
Galician Campo de Celebrant
Georgian კელებრანტი მინდორი
German Feld von Celebrant
Greek Πεδίου του Κελεβραντ
Gujarati કેલેબ્રાન્ટ ક્ષેત્ર
Hebrew קברלאנט שדה
Hindi का क्षेत्र केलेब्रांट
Hungarian Celebrant-mező
Icelandic Celebrant Tún
Indonesian Lapangan Celebrant
Irish Gaelic Páirc Celebrant
Italian Campo di Celebrant
Japanese 祝賀会の参加者畑
Javanese Lapangan Celebrant
Kannada ಕೆಲೆಬ್ರ್ಯಾಂತ್ ಕ್ಷೇತ್ರ
Kazakh Келебрант өрісі (Cyrillic) Kelebrant örisi (Latin)
Korean 켈 브란트 분야의
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Кэлэбрант Талаа
Latin Celebrant Ager
Latvian Celebrant Lauka
Lithuanian Celebrant Laukas
Luxembourgish Feld vun Celebrant
Macedonian Cyrillic Поле на Келебрант
Malaysian Bidang Celebrant
Maltese Qasam ta 'Ċelebrant
Marathi चेलेब्रन्त फील्ड
Mongolian Cyrillic Кэлэбрант талбар
Nepalese चेलेब्रन्त मैदान
Norwegian Celebrant Åker
Occitan Camp de Celebrant
Old English Feld Celebrant
Pennsylvania Dutch Feld ob Celebrant
Persian دشت کله‌برانت
Polish Pole Celebrantu
Portuguese Campo de Celebrant
Romanian Celebrant Domeniul
Russian Поле Келебранта
Scottish Gaelic Achadh Celebrant
Serbian Келебрант Њива (Cyrillic) Kelebrant Njiva (Latin)
Shona Celebrant Munda
Sicilian Campu de Kelebrant ?
Sinhalese කැලැන්ඩර් ක්ෂේත්‍රය
Slovak Pole Celebrant
Slovenian Celebrant Njiva
Spanish Campo de Celebrant
Sundanese Sawah Celebrant
Swahili Uwanja wa Celebrant
Swedish Celebrant Åker
Tajik Cyrillic Келебрант майдон
Tamil கெலெப்ரண்ட் வயல்
Telugu కెలెబ్రాన్ట్ రంగంలో
Turkish Celebrant Saha
Turkmen Celebrant Meýdan
Ukrainian Cyrillic Поле Келебрант
Urdu کیلیبرانٹ میدان
Uzbek Келебрант Дала (Cyrillic) Kelebrant Dala (Latin)
Vietnamese Celebrant cánh đồng
Welsh Cae Celebrant
Yiddish פעלד פון קעלעבראַנט
Zazaki Celebrant Vaşi
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