This article refers to the Prince of Gondor. For other namesakes, see Faramir (disambiguation).

Faramir was the second son of King Ondoher of Gondor.


Faramir had an older brother named Artamir and a sister named Fíriel. He served as regent of Gondor when his father and his older brother went off to war with the Wainriders in TA 1943. However, Faramir was not willing to stay behind in Minas Anor as regent while his father and brother went to war.

He soon left the city in disguise and joined a party of the Éothéod retreating towards the Dead Marshes near the Morannon. The party was caught in an ambush of some kind and he was wounded to the death and died before the leader of the Éothéod came rescue him. A few moments later he died in the arms of the leader of the éored while he was defending his body. His true identity was discovered when the Éothéod searched his body and found evidence that he was Prince Regent of Gondor.[1][2]


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