Far Harad was the southern part of Harad. It was a massive region, effectively an entire continent, that roughly corresponded to Africa. The border between Near Harad and Far Harad is unmarked.[1]

History Edit

Far Harad was large enough to have presumably several different regions and climates, although much of it was covered in jungles. Several large rivers flowed through the continent. Much of the continent's western edge was bordered by a mountain range called the Grey Mountains, not to be confused with the Ered Mithrin.[1] During the First Age, the flat plains west of the Grey Mountains sank under the water, possibly during the War of Wrath when most of Beleriand was also sunken.

Third Age Edit

At least some men of Far Harad were allied with Sauron in the War of the Ring, and some of them fought in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. The men of Far Harad were described in The Return of the King as "black men like half-trolls with white eyes and red tongues", as well as being called Troll-men.[2] Nothing is known of the culture or language of these men, or even in which part of Far Harad they lived.

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A Troll-Man of Far Harad

The giant Mûmakil were found in the jungles of Far Harad, where the Haradrim captured them for domestication.

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Translations around the worldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Verre Harad
Albanian Harad e Largët
Amharic ሩቅ ሓራድ
Arabic حرض بعيدة
Armenian Հեռավոր Հարադ
Azerbaijani Uzaq Harad
Basque Urrutiko Harad
Belarusian Cyrillic Далёкага Харад
Bengali দূরবর্তী হারাদ
Bosnian Daleki Harad
Breton Harad-Pellañ
Bulgarian Cyrillic Далечен Харад
Catalan Extrem Harad
Cebuano Layo Harad
Chinese 远哈拉德
Cornish Pell Harad
Croatian Daleki Harad
Czech Dálný Harad
Danish Fjerne Harad
Dutch Verre Harad
Esperanto Fora Harad
Estonian Kaug Harad
Faroese FjarHarad
Fijian Yawa Harad
Filipino Malayo Harad
French Extrême-Harad
Galician Harad Extremo
Georgian შორეული ჰარად
German Weit-Harad
Greek Μακρινός Χαραδ
Gujarati ફાર હરદ
Haitian Creole Byen lwen Harad
Hawaiian Aole loa Harad
Hebrew הרחוק חאראד
Hindi सुदूर हरद
Hungarian Távol-Harad
Icelandic Harad Fjær
Indonesian Harad Jauh
Irish Gaelic Fada Harad
Italian Estremo Harad
Japanese は遠ハラド
Javanese Harad Adoh
Kannada ಫಾರ್ ಹಾರ್ಡ್
Kazakh Cyrillic Қиыр Һарад (Cyrillic) Qïır Harad (Latin)
Korean 파 하라드
Kurdish Dûr Harad (Kurmanji Kurdish)
Kyrgyz Cyrillic алыс Харот
Latin Remotus Harad
Latvian Tālie Harad
Lithuanian Tolimųjų Harad
Luxembourgish Wäit Harad
Macedonian Cyrillic Далечен Харад
Malagasy Lavitra Harad
Malaysian Harad Jauh
Maltese Mbiegħed Harad
Maori Tawhiti Harad
Marathi आतापर्यंत हरद
Mongolian Cyrillic Алс Hарад
Navajo Nízah Harad
Nepalese सुदूर हरद
Norwegian Ytre Harad
Pashto تر اوسه حاراد
Persian هاراد دور
Polish Harad Daleki
Portuguese Extremo Harad
Punjabi ਦੁਰਾਡਾ ਹਰਦ
Romanian Haradul Indepartat
Romansh Lontan Harad
Russian Дальнего Харада
Samoan Mamao Harad
Serbian фар Харад (Cyrillic) Daleko Harad (Latin)
Sesotho Bo Hōle Harad
Sindhi ڏور حاراد
Sinhalese ඈත හරද්
Slovak Ďaleko Harad
Somalian Fog ah Harad
Slovenian Daljni Harad
Spanish Lejano Harad
Sundanese Jauh Harad
Swahili Mbali Harad
Swedish Fjärran Harad
Tahitian Atea roa Harad
Tajik Cyrillic дур Ҳарад
Tamil தொலை ஹரத்
Telugu ఫార్ హరద
Thai ห่างไกลฮารัด
Turkish Uzak Harad
Turkmen Uzak Harad
Ukrainian Cyrillic Далекий Гараду
Uzbek Узоқ Ҳарад (Cyrillic) Uzoq Harad (Latin)
Vietnamese Viễn Harad
Welsh Harad Pell
Yiddish ווייַט האַראַד
Yucatec Maya Bejla'e' Harad

References Edit

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