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Olwë, King of the Falmari, by Jenny Dolfen

The Falmari, also known as the Sea-elves, were those of the Teleri who departed from Middle-earth, migrating into the West where they remained.



During the Great Journey of the Elves of Cuiviénen, the Teleri had two lords: Elwë Singollo and his brother Olwë.[1] While crossing Beleriand, however, Elwë became lost in the forests, wherefore many of the Teleri refused to continue into westward.[2]

When Ulmo came to them with an island, the Teleri had come to love the sea. The island was brought towards the Bay of Eldamar. They settled on Tol Eressëa (the former island ferry) and later in Alqualondë, which they built on the shores of Aman between the Calacirya and Araman.

Kinslaying at Alqualondë, by Ted Nasmith

The High King of the Falmari was Olwë, and the Princess of the Falmari was Eärwen, Olwë's daughter.[3]

Rebellion of the Ñoldor

During rebellion of the Ñoldor led by Fëanor, the Sea-elves refused to join the rebellion and to yield their swanships. This led to the Kinslaying at Alqualondë.[4]


The name Falmari means "Wave-folk"[5], from the Quenya terms fala ("foam") and falma ("wave as it breaks").[6]


Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic ፋልማሪ
Arabic الفماري
Armenian Ֆալմարի
Belarusian Cyrillic Фалмарі
Bengali ফলমারি
Bulgarian Cyrillic Фалмари
Chinese (Hong Kong) 海上精靈
Greek Φαλμαρι
Gujarati ફાલમરી
Hebrew פאלמארי
Hindi फ़ल्मरि
Japanese ファルマリ
Kannada ಫಾಲ್ಮರಿ
Kazakh Фалмари (Cyrillic) Falmarï (Latin)
Korean 팔 마리
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Фалмари
Macedonian Cyrillic Фалмари
Marathi फ्लामारी
Mongolian Cyrillic Фалмари
Nepalese फ़ल्मरि
Pashto فالماری
Persian فالماری
Punjabi ਫਾਲਮੀ
Russian Фалмари
Serbian Фалмари (Cyrillic) Falmari (Latin)
Sinhalese ෆැල්මාරි
Tajik Cyrillic Фальмари
Tamil பால்மாரி
Telugu ఫలమారి
Thai ฟัลมาริ
Ukrainian Cyrillic Фальмарі
Urdu فالمارا
Uzbek Фалмари (Cyrillic) Falmari (Latin)
Yiddish פאַלמאַרי