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The Falls of Rauros

The Falls of Rauros, also simply referred to as Rauros, were the great falls of the River Anduin at which the river fell from the Nen Hithoel into the wetland of Nindalf.


At the breaking of the Fellowship of the Ring, Frodo and Sam paddled a boat from the west bank of the river to the east just above the falls and had to use all their strength to avoid being swept over the falls by the current. Shortly afterward Boromir's body was placed in another boat by Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli who sent it over the falls, but it apparently survived the fall; at any rate, soon afterward it was seen by Faramir upon the lower reaches of the Anduin in what felt to him like a dream yet from which there was no waking, and he retrieved Boromir's cloven horn in truth and not in seeming.

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Translations around the world

Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Watervalle van Rauros
Armenian Ջրվեժները ի Րաւրոս
Belarusian Cyrillic Вадаспад Раурос
Catalan Cascades de Rauros
Czech Vodopády Rauros
Danish Rauros Faldende
Dutch Watervallen van Rauros
Estonian Rauros langeb
Finnish Raurosin putoukset
French Chutes du Rauros
Galician Caídas de Rauros
Georgian რაუროსის ჩანჩქერები


Greek Καταράκτες του Ράουρος
Hungarian Rauros vízesései
Icelandic Fellur af Rauros
Italian Cascate di Rauros
Latvian Raurosa ūdenskritums
Lithuanian Kriokliai Rauros
Norwegian Raurosfallene
Persian آبشار رائوروس
Polish Wodospad Rauros
Portuguese (Brazil) Cataratas de Rauros or Cachoeira de Rauros
Portuguese (Portugal) Quedas do Rauros
Russian Водопад Раурос
Slovak Vodopády Rauros
Spanish (Spain and Latin America) Cataratas de Rauros
Swedish Raurosfallet Turkish Rauros Şelaleri
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