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The Fall of Rómendacil I was the battle in which Gondor fought the Easterlings and King Rómendacil I was slain.


Forty-one years after their defeat by the then Tarostar, the Easterlings once again attacked Gondor and this time with more success. Hordes and hordes of Easterlings fell upon Gondor with great strength. King Rómendacil moved to stop them but was slain in a battle with them.[1]


It is not mentioned what happened afterwards nor is it known what the Easterlings gained from this aside from the killing of a King of Gondor, as it is possible that Gondor had indeed lost the battle with the death of one of their greatest leaders. However, the realm of Gondor survived as Rómendacil's son Turambar immediately became King following his father's death and quickly moved to avenge his father's death.[2][3]


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