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Ezellohar was a green mound of grass near the western gate of Valmar.


Ezellohar was raised up and hallowed by Yavanna Kementári during the time before the sun. Here, she sat singing songs of power which rang through all the growing things. Then, Nienna appeared and wept and her tears and watered the mound and afterwards the Two Trees of Valinor, Telperion and Laurelin grew and stood.[1] When the Two Trees were poisoned it was blackened. It remains as a part of the grave site of the two trees in Valinor until they rise again.[2]


Ezellohar was a Quenya word that meant "the green mound."[3]

Other Names

This mound was also known as Corollairë, Coron Oiolairë, and the Green Mound.[3]

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