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The One Wiki to Rule Them All

The 2020's have borne extraordinary growth of insight into
J.R.R. Tolkien's life, academic work, and fantasy work.

Though he passed away in 1973, new revelation and comprehension of the above, through primary
and secondary literature, continue to abound fifty years later thanks to the devotion of experts and scholars,
serving as editors for the Tolkien Estate or as authors independently.

See below this decade's literary expansion of Tolkiendom so far.

The Fall of Númenor
ed. Brian Sibley -
The first comprehensive, one-volume account of the Second Age
The Nature of Middle-earth cover
The Nature of Middle-earth
ed. Carl F. Hostetter -
Over fifty unrevealed essays by Tolkien about Arda
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The Silmarillion Illustrated Edition
by HarperCollins; the first edition to include drawings by Tolkien
The Battle of Maldon
ed. Peter Grybauskas -
featuring a newly revealed poem translation by Tolkien
The Great Tales Never End
Essays in honor of Christopher Tolkien, following his death in 2020
The Art of the Manuscript
Presenting manuscripts shown at an exclusive Marquette U. exhibition
The Worlds of J.R.R. Tolkien cover
The Worlds of J.R.R. Tolkien
by John Garth -
The first large-scale survey of real-world locations that inspired J.R.R. Tolkien's creations
Secret Vice other cover
A Secret Vice
ed. D. Fimi & A. Higgins -
Second Edition -

An essay of Tolkien's concerning language, with scholars' commentary

A Sense of Tales Untold
by Peter Grybauskas -
A study of Tolkien's creative writing style and "restraint"
Tolkien, Enchantment, and Loss: Steps on the Developmental Journey
by John Rosegrant -
About psychology behind Tolkien's creative efforts
Tolkien's Faith
by Holly Ordway -
A Tolkien biography focusing on his Christian faith
Power, Pity, and Tolkien's Ring
by Thomas P. Hillman
Tolkien's Modern Reading
by Holly Ordway -
The first published survey of all contemporary literature Tolkien owned or read
Tolkien's Cosmology: Divine Beings and Middle-earth
by Sam McBride -
Concerning supernatural roles throughout Arda's history
The Gallant Edith Bratt
The first published biography of Tolkien's wife, reaching only till 1917
Musical Scores and the Eternal Present
by Chiara Bertoglio -
Examining musical intricacies of the Middle-earth legendarium
Cc45 280
Tolkien and the Classical World
by Hamish Williams -
A look at influences on Middle-earth from Classical antiquity
Tolkien Dogmatics
by Austin M. Freeman -
Proposing a Christian theological framework for Tolkien's Middle-earth writings
Friendship in The Lord of the Rings
by Cristina Casagrande -
Studying the theme of friendship in The Lord of the Rings

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