Everard Took was a Hobbit of the Shire.


Everard Took was born in TA 2980 to Adelard Took. He had an older brother named Reginard Took. In 3001, Everard was in his tweens. He had a girlfriend named Melilot Brandybuck.[1] At Bilbo's Farewell Birthday Party in September of TA 3001, Everard and Melilot danced together as Bilbo made a speech, assuming he had finished. Bilbo was in the middle of the speech, the two thought it was over and began dancing the Springle-ring on a table. Bilbo simply finished his speech. Everard was rather embarrassed and stepped down from the table. His overall fate is unknown.[2]


Foreign Language Translated name
Finnish Everard Tuk
French Éverard Touc
German Everard Tuk
Italian Everardo Tuc
Polish Everard Tuk


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