Ethir Anduinjtm
The Ethir Anduin, otherwise known as the Mouths of Anduin or Anduin's Mouths, was the estuary formed by the River Anduin's egress into the Great Sea of Belegaer, near the great Gondorian harbour of Pelargir.[1]


It was an area significant to the careers of at least two Kings of Gondor, Falastur and Aragorn. The earlier king was the first to fully embrace the necessity of a strong navy, and through its use extended the influence of Gondor around the Mouths of Anduin.[2] On March 13 3019, shortly before the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, some hundreds of fishermen went to aid Minas Tirith without a captain.[3] Much later, Aragorn vanquished a brief Umbarian invasion of the area. Aragorn, along with Grey Company and the Army of the Dead, liberated Pelargir and the surrounding Anduin estuary from the Corsairs of Umbar, after having progressively pushed them out of the delta for much of that week. Because the victory on 13 March was so complete, Umbar was left with no tools to effect its sovereignty. Thus, what might be thought of as the "Battle of Ethir Anduin" led directly to Umbar's reintegration with Gondor in Aragorn's Reunited Kingdom.[4]


The land on the delta was long settled by Men, and indeed it was a rich source of Mannish culture. Part of the reason for this was because it was contested between different types of Men, probably including groups like the Nandorians and Haradrim,[5] but definitely including Númenóreans, Gondorians and Umbarians.[2] Early Westron was said to have developed there.[6] The reason for the region's importance to the development of Mannish language was likely because the lands of the delta supported Men of all stations in life, from lowly "lesser men" who were largely fishermen and other folk dependent on the sea, as well as the loftier Númenóreans.[6]


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