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Estolad was a wide plain in East Beleriand.

It lay south of the forest of Nan Elmoth and west of Thargelion between the rivers Celon and Gelion. It was ruled for a time by Amrod and Amras, the youngest sons of Fëanor.


The people of Bëor first journeyed to Estolad on the advice of Finrod Felagund, who often returned to visit them there; though Bëor went to Nargothrond with Felagund and returned never to Estolad. The Green Elves of Ossiriand had sent word to Felagund begging him to remove the Men from their lands. When the Haladin came later over the Blue Mountains, they encountered hostility from the Laiquendi and entered Thargelion, in the land of Caranthir. They came to Estolad only after the loss of their lord Haldad in battle with the Orcs. The people of Marach came up the Dwarf-road to Estolad a year after Bëor's folk, and there the friendship between those houses was enriched.

Many Elves journeyed to Estolad to first see the Atani, the Second People. In turn, many young men went away to enter the service of Elven Kings. Among the renowned Elf-friends who left Estolad with the Elves were Malach and and Baran son of Bëor. These alliances led to the eventual departure of the Edain north to Dor-lómin and Ladros.[1]


Estolad is a Sindarin word that meant 'Encampment'.[2]


Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic ኤስቶላድ
Arabic ىستولاد
Armenian էստոլադ
Belarusian Cyrillic Естолад
Bengali এস্তোলদ
Bulgarian Cyrillic Естолад
Chinese 伊斯托拉德
Danish Estolad ("Lejrbygden")
Georgian ესტოლადი
Greek Εστολαδ
Gujarati ઍસ્તોલદ
Hebrew אסטולאד
Hindi एस्तोलद
Japanese エストラド
Kannada ಏಸ್ತೊಲದ್
Kazakh Естолад (Cyrillic) Estolad (Latin)
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Эстолад
Macedonian Cyrillic Естолад
Marathi एस्तोलद
Mongolian Cyrillic Естолад
Nepalese एस्तोलद
Pashto ېستولاد
Persian استولاد
Punjabi ஏਸ੍ਤੋਲਦ
Russian Эстолад
Sanskrit एस्तोलद्
Serbian Естолад (Cyrillic) Estolad (Latin)
Sinhalese ඒස්තොලද්
Tajik Cyrillic Естолад
Tamil ஏஸ்தொலத்
Telugu ఏస్తొలద
Thai เอสโตลัด
Ukrainian Cyrillic Естолад
Urdu اسٹولاد
Uzbek Естолад (Cyrillic) Estolad (Latin)
Yiddish עסטאָלאַד