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Estë (Quenya; IPA: [ˈeste]) was an Ainu and the Vala responsible for the healing of the hurt and weary.


Estë lived with her husband in Lórien. She did not walk by day, but instead she slept upon an island of the tree-shadowed Lake of Lórellin in Lórien. And all those who dwelt in Valinor drew refreshment from the fountains of Estë and her spouse Irmo in Lórien. In like manner, to the gardens of Lórien, theValar themselves often came and would find easing and reposing there from the burdens of Arda.

Melian had formerly served both the Estë and Vána. In Lórien, Melian dwelt there long tending to the trees that flowered in the Gardens of Lórien before she departed for Middle-earth.[1]

After a time, when the Elves dwelt in Valinor, the King of the ÑoldorFinwë, was grieved that his first wife had no more strength to carry on any longer. Afterwards, Manwë surrendered the care of Miriel to the spouse of Estë, Irmo in Lórien. Estë and her maidens still tended to the body of Miriel, and it remained unwithered, though Miriel never came back among the living.[2]

It was said that Estë did not attend the Councils of the Valar. Thus, she was not reckoned among the Valier and was counted instead as the Chief of the Maiar.[3]

She was dressed in grey.[4]


Estë is a Quenya word that meant 'rest'.[4]


Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic إستي
Armenian Էստը
Belarusian Cyrillic Естё
Bengali এস্তে
Bulgarian Cyrillic Есте
Chinese (Simplified) 伊絲緹
Georgian ესტე
Greek Έστε
Gujarati ઍસ્તે
Hebrew אסטה
Hindi एस्ते
Japanese エステ
Kazakh Есте (Cyrillic) Este (Latin)
Korean 에스테
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Эстэ
Macedonian Cyrillic Есте
Marathi एस्ते
Mongolian Cyrillic Естё
Nepalese एस्ते
Persian استه
Punjabi ਏਸ੍ਤੇ
Russian Эстэ
Serbian Есте (Cyrillic) Este (Latin)
Sinhalese එස්ටේ
Tajik Cyrillic Есте
Tamil ஏஸ்தெ
Thai เอสเต
Ukrainian Cyrillic Есте
Urdu پرگ آٹو ?
Uzbek Есте (Cyrillic) Este (Latin)
Yiddish ײסטע


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