The river Erui was one of the rivers which arose in the White Mountains. It was not counted amongst the Seven Rivers of Gondor.

The river began near Mount Mindolluin in the White Mountains, flowing south through the province of Lossarnach, where it met the Anduin about 100 Númenórean miles south of Minas Tirith.[1][2]

During the Kin-strife of Gondor, the Battle of Erui was fought at the Crossings of Erui that lay on the way to Pelargir.[3]


Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic ዐሩኢ
Arabic ايروي
Armenian Էրուի
Belarusian Cyrillic Эруи
Bengali এরুই
Bulgarian Cyrillic Еруи
Burmese ဧရုဣ
Chinese (Hong Kong) 依魯伊河
Georgian ერუი
Greek Ερυι
Gujarati ઇરુઈ
Hindi एरुइ
Hebrew ירוי
Japanese エリュ
Kannada ಎರುಯಿ
Kazakh Ерұі (Cyrillic) Erui (Latin)
Korean 에 루이
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Эруи
Macedonian Cyrillic Еруи
Malayalam എറി
Marathi इरुई
Mongolian Cyrillic Эруй
Nepalese एरुइ
Pashto ېروی
Persian هروی
Punjabi ਏਰੂਈ
Russian Эруи
Sanskrit एरुइ
Serbian Еруи (Cyrillic) Erui (Latin)
Sinhalese ඒරුඉ
Tajik Cyrillic Еруи
Tamil ஏருஇ
Telugu ఏరుఇ
Thai แรุิ ?
Ukrainian Cyrillic Еруї
Urdu ایروا
Uzbek Еруи (Cyrillic) Erui (Latin)
Yiddish ײרוי


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