"That is the path of despair. Of folly I would say, if the long wisdom of Elrond did not forbid me."
The Fellowship of the Ring, The Council of Elrond

Erestor was an Elf of Rivendell and a chief of Elrond's household.

Biography Edit

Erestor attended the Council of Elrond on October 25, 3018. During the discussion about what to do with the One Ring, Erestor asked whether Tom Bombadil could be called upon to help, or whether the Ring could be sent to him for safe-keeping, but that option was rejected.[1]

After the War of the Ring, Erestor was among the party that accompanied Arwen to Minas Tirith for her wedding to Aragorn. They arrived in the city on Midsummer's Eve of 3019. It is not known whether Erestor left Middle-earth with Elrond in September of 3021, but it is most likely that he did leave eventually.[2]

Other versions of the legendarium Edit

In The Return of the Shadow, it was said that "There were three counsellors of Elrond's own household: Erestor his kinsman (a man of the same half-elvish folk known as the children of Lúthien), and beside him two elflords of Rivendell."[3] In others, Erestor was continued to be referred as Elrond's kinsman and one of the Half-elven. He was at first considered one of the Nine Walkers, called "Erestor Half-elf", and had the role later replaced by that of Pippin.[4]

Elf Erestor

Portrayal in adaptations Edit

In The Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game, Jonathan Harding portrays Erestor on the character's card.
Strategy Battle Game - Erestor

Erestor as portrayed in the Strategy Battle Game

In The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game, Erestor is equipped with two Ñoldorin daggers, suggesting that he is one of the Ñoldor.

Translations around the worldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic ዐረስቶር
Arabic ايرستاو
Armenian Էրեստոր
Belarusian Cyrillic Эрестор
Bengali এরিস্টোর
Bulgarian Cyrillic Ерестор
Chinese (Hong Kong) 伊瑞斯特
Georgian ერესთორი
Greek Έρεστορ
Gujarati એરેસ્ટર
Hebrew אריסתור
Hindi एरेस्तोर
Japanese エレスター
Kannada ಎರೆಸ್ಟರ್
Kazakh Эрестор (Cyrillic) Érestor (Latin)
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Эрэстор
Macedonian Cyrillic Ерестор
Mongolian Cyrillic Эрэстор
Nepalese एरेस्टोर
Persian ارستور
Russian Эрестор
Serbian Ерестор (Cyrillic) Erestor (Latin)
Sinhalese එරෙස්ටර්
Tajik Cyrillic Ерестор
Tamil எரெஸ்டோர்
Telugu ఈస్టర్
Thai เอเรสเตอร์
Ukrainian Cyrillic Ерестор
Urdu اراسٹاور
Uzbek Ерестор (Cyrillic) Erestor (Latin)
Yiddish ערעסטאָר

References Edit

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