The Ered Lómin were a range of mountains that formed the northwestern edge of Hithlum in Beleriand.

The Ered Lómin were bordered on its east and southeastern side by the lands of Lammoth and Losgar. Hidden in this mountain range was Cirith Ninniach, which was guarded by the Gate of the Ñoldor further up the cliff. The mountain range joined the Ered Wethrin in southern Dor-lómin.[1]

History Edit

The route by which Fëanor and the rest of the Ñoldor took when they returned to Middle-earth and entered Hithlum was through these mountains. [2]

Etymology Edit

Ered Lómin is Sindarin for 'Echoing Mountains'.[3]

Translations around the world Edit

Foreign Language Translated name
Hungarian Visszhang-hegység
Norwegian De Gjallende Fjell

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References Edit

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