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In multiple game adaptations of The Lord of the Rings, Ered Glamhoth was the name given to the mountain range in Mordor east of the southern Ephel Duath, pointing towards Rhûn.

Portrayal in adaptations Edit

The name Ered Glamhoth was originally given to the southern mountains of Mordor in the map created by, where it is implied that the mountains' strategic geography factored into Sauron's decision to choose Mordor as his realm.

In the video game Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, the Ered Glamoth appear as the location of the Tower of Sauron's stronghold, which the ranger Talion successfully invades after being given its location by Queen Marwen. The Ered Glamoth also appear in the map for the game's sequel Middle-earth: Shadow of War, but not as a playable location.

Etymology Edit

Ered was Sindarin for 'mountains'. Glamhoth was the term in Sindarin for 'evil-hosts' (Glam- appears in "Glamdring", meaning foe-hammer), making this a place where Men in the East who were loyal to Sauron would have lived.

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