Endless Stair

As depicted in The Lord of the Rings Online

The Endless Stair was an amazing feat of the Dwarves of Moria. These stairs climbed from the lowest point in Middle-earth, to the very peak of the Silvertine (Celebdil). At the top of the Endless Stair, a windy chamber known as Durin's Tower was carved from the rock of the mountain, where the Dwarf kings would gaze out over the Misty Mountains. After abandoning Moria in the Third Age, the stair and chamber became legend among the dwarves. The top of it was destroyed during the battle between Gandalf and the Balrog, on January 23-25 of 3019.

In The Lord of the Rings Online the Endless Stair can be observed at various location and altitude levels throughout Moria. Only the bottom of it is accessible though, as the way above is blocked by rubble left by the Balrog's passage.

Portrayal in Adaptations

Translations around the World

Foreign Language Translated name
Portuguese (Brazil) Escada Interminável
Italian Interminabile Scala
German Endlose Treppe


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