Emyn Muil in The Two Towers

The hills of Emyn Muil, upon either side of Nen Hithoel, was a vast, seemingly impenetrable maze of rocky crags situated in the region of Rhovanion in Middle-earth.

The Emyn Muil lies between the eastern part of Rohan and the relatively empty lands that contained the Dead Marshes and the Nindalf. It was approximately seventy-five miles from east to west and some one-hundred miles from north to south.[1]

In TA 3002Éomund father of Eomer and Eowyn was slain while he was chasing a band of orcs.

History Edit

The Emyn Muil had once marked the northern borders of the Kingdom of Gondor at its height.

Significance in the Lord of the Rings Edit

At the beginning of The Two Towers, Frodo and Sam, attempting to reach the Black Gate of Mordor, are lost in the eastern Emyn Muil for days until Gollum finds them. After a great deal of persuasion, he agrees to show them the way, leading them south into the Dead Marshes.

Translations around the worldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic ዐምይን ሙኢል
Arabic أميين مويل
Armenian Էմին Մուիլ
Belarusian Cyrillic Эмін Муила
Bengali এমিন মুয়েল
Bulgarian Cyrillic Емин Муйл
Chinese (Hong Kong) 艾明莫爾
Georgian ემინ მუილი
Greek Έμιν Μούιλ
Gujarati એમીન મુઇલ
Hebrew אמין מואיל
Hindi एमीन मोइल
Hungarian Kopár Hegyek
Japanese エミン・ムイル
Kannada ಎಮಿನ್ ಮುಯಿಲ್
Kazakh Эмин Муил (Cyrillic) Émïn Mwïl (Latin)
Korean 에밀 마일
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Эмйн Муил
Laotian ແມຢນ ມລ ?
Macedonian Cyrillic Емин Муил
Marathi एमीन मोइल
Mongolian Cyrillic Эмын Муил
Nepalese एमिनि मुइल
Pashto امین مول
Persian امین مویل
Punjabi ਏਮਿਨ
Russian Эмин Муил
Sanskrit एम्य्न् मुइल्
Serbian Емин Муил (Cyrillic) Emin Muil (Latin)
Sinhalese ඒම්‍ය්න් මුයිල්
Tajik Cyrillic Емyн Муил
Tamil எமின் முய்ல்
Telugu ఎమాన్ మెయిల్
Ukrainian Cyrillic Емін Муіл
Urdu ایمان موال
Uzbek Емйн Муил (Cyrillic) Emin Muil (Latin)
Yiddish ײמין מויל

References Edit

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