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Elegost was a Dúnedain Ranger of the North.

He is a part of the company of travelers controlled by the player in The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age. Elegost may be the most versatile fighter of Berethor's party. He is well skilled in both Bow Craft and Ranger Craft skills. Using Bow Craft skills, Elegost is able to manipulate the abilities of his enemies such as lowering their ability to counterattack, lowering their rate of attack, or even lowering the accuracy of an enemy. Using Ranger Craft skills, Elegost is able to deal severe damage to foes and can immobilize enemies for a turn. Elegost is good friends with the Dwarf, Hadhod.

He is non-canonical as he does not appear in any of the books.

Portrayal in adaptations

The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age

Not much is known about Elegost's life, except that he was a Dúnedain and a close familiar of Aragorn. He met Hadhod during the Council of Elrond, where he and the dwarf were given a map to Moria. A short while later he and Hadhod were attacked by a mob of goblins during a stormy night, under command of a Mordor Orc (this may have been the same time Saruman stopped Gandalf and company from passing over Caradhras by using his wizardry, since it was storming and voices were heard). Hadhod was carried away by a landslide while Elegost was wounded, and the Orc took his map. The next day Berethor and Idrial found Elegost, who told them he was hunting the wargs that were approaching. Having then killed the Orcs who came too near to Rivendell, they rescued Hadhod from a cave-troll. After the two friends were reunited, Elegost and Hadhod decided to follow the Man of Gondor on his quest. In The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age, his name is only mentioned once throughout the game, by Eaoden in Minas Tirith.


Elegost was one of the most capable warriors during the Third Age, he is very persistent in wielding a bow and knowing the frenzy, examine, ranger and bow craft moves.

Signature Skills

Frenzy Immediately takes two actions.
Examine Inspect an enemy more closely.

Bow Craft

Creature Bane Ranged attack with greater damage to animals.
Blinding Shot Ranged attack that lowers a foe's accuracy.
Crippling Shot Ranged attack that slows foe.
Pinning Shot Ranged attacks that prevents counter attacks.
Arrow Flurry Ranged attack at two foes.
Draining Shot Steals health from a foe.
Shield Piercing Ranged attack that lowers foe's melee defense.
True Shot Tremendously damaged ranged attack.

Ranger Craft

Aimed Shot Powerful Ranged Attack.
Piece Will Ranged attack that lowers foe's spirit defense.
Paralyzing Shot Ranged attack That prevents foe's melee attack.
Cursed Arrow Ranged attack that lowers foe's ranged damage.
Arrow Splinters Ranged attack that prevents foe's ranged attacks.
Northern Storm Summon a lightning storm to strike your foes.
Piercing Might Ranged attack that lowers foe's melee damage.
Arrows of Sleep Ranged attack that puts foe to sleep.
Kingsfoil Grace Restores ones ally's Health over time.
Flash Arrow Ranged attack that reduces a foe's accuracy.
Grace of Athelas Grant entire party Health Regeneration.
Pierce Spirit Ranged attack that reduces foe's spirit damage.
Fangorn Roots. Ranged attack that immobilizes foe.

Passive Skills

Ranger Evade Fixed percentage of Dodging enemy attacks.
Dunedain Invasion Increases Elegost's ability to dodge an enemy attack.
Hands of the Bowman Increases Dexterity.
Ranger War Rally Increases Momentum gained from actions.
Spirit of the North Increases AP Pool.
Frenzy For 125 AP, allows the execution of two extra actions, limited to Bow Craft and Ranger Craft, possibly Shadow Craft and Light Craft as well.
Blessing of the Haste Allows Elegost to take actions more often during combat.
Sleep Volley Arrows of Sleep targets all enemies, instead of only one.
Lingering Sleep Makes attack Arrows of Sleep last for the duration of the fight.
Crippling Volley Increases effectiveness of Crippling Shot.


Although Elegost has a sword (as shown in the cutscenes), he never uses it during actual gameplay. Instead, he relies on his bow to kill enemies.


  • Elegost appears wounded to a watching Berethor and Idrial; they move to help as two wargs move in for the kill. Elegost rights himself and slays the two beasts before saying "Hello Lovelies!"
  • After he kills the wargs, Berethor exclaims in surprise "You live!", to which he replies "No thanks to you, can't you see I was hunting them?"


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