Eldalondë, also known as Eldalondë the Green[1], was a seaport on the western coast of Númenor where the river Nunduinë emptied into the Bay of Eldanna.

It was surrounded by the pleasant and fair region of Nísimaldar.[2][1]


During the Second Age, Eldalondë was the primary seaport by which the Elves would arrive from Tol Eressëa to the west to meet with the Elf-friends (The Faithful) amongst the Númenóreans.[1]


Eldalondë is a Quenya word that meant "Elf-haven".[citation needed]


Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic አልዳሎንደ
Arabic إلدالوندي
Armenian Էլդալոնդը
Belarusian Cyrillic Элдалонде
Bengali এল্দালন্দে
Bulgarian Cyrillic Елдалонде
Chinese 艾爾達隆
Georgian ელდალონდეი
Greek Ελδαλονδη
Gujarati ઍલ્દલોન્દે
Hebrew אלדלונדה
Hindi ऐल्दलोन्द्ऐ
Japanese エルダロンデ
Kannada ಏಲ್ದಲೊನ್ದ
Kazakh Елдалонде (Cyrillic) Eldalonde (Latin)
Korean 엘다 론데
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Элдалондэ
Macedonian Cyrillic Елдалонде
Marathi एल्डलोन्ड
Mongolian Cyrillic Элдалондё
Nepalese एल्दलोन्दे
Persian آلدالونده
Punjabi ਐਲਡਲਡੇ
Russian Эльдалондэ
Sanskrit एल्दलोन्दे
Serbian Елдалонде (Cyrillic) Eldalonde (Latin)
Sinhalese ඇල්ඩලොන්ඩා
Tajik Cyrillic Елдалонде
Tamil இடாலோண்டே
Telugu ఎల్దాలోనుండే
Ukrainian Cyrillic Ельдалонде
Urdu الدالوندی
Uzbek Елдалонде (Cyrillic) Eldalonde (Latin)
Yiddish עלדאַלאָנדע


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