Elanor Gardner (née Gamgee or Fairbairn), or Elanor the Fair was the first daughter of Samwise Gamgee and Rosie Cotton.


Elanor was born March 25, 3021, or 1421 Shire Reckoning. In SR 1436, she was made a maid to Queen Arwen of the Reunited Kingdom. Six years later, she visited Gondor with her parents for a year. Elanor married Fastred of Greenholm in SR 1451. Her first son, Elfstan Fairbairn was born three years later. She also had a daughter, Fíriel Fairbairn.

In SR 1455, Thain Peregrin Took, at the request of Sam, made Elanor's husband the Warden of Westmarch. Elanor and Fastred moved to Undertowers on the Tower Hills in the Westmarch. In SR 1482, Elanor's mother, Rosie, died and her father Sam left Bag End. He gave Elanor, the last person to see him, the Red Book before going to the Grey Havens and departing.

Elanor was known as "the Fair" for her beauty; many people thought she looked more like an Elf-maid than a Hobbit girl. She had golden hair, which until the year SR 1420 was extremely rare for hobbits.[1]



Foreign Language Translated name
Chinese (Hong Kong) 伊拉諾·加德納
Finnish Elanor Gamgi
French Elanor Gamgie
German Elanor Gamdschie
Hebrew אלאנור גארדנר
Russian Эланор Весёлая
Thai เอลานอร์


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