Eithel Ivrin also known as Falls of Ivrin and Pools of Ivrin was a spring from the river, the Narog, at the south side of the Ered Wethrin (Mountains of Shadow) during the First Age.

The waters of the springs were crystal pure and one of the most refreshing bodies of water in all of Middle-earth.

History Edit

As the power of Ulmo was strong in these parts of Middle-earth, the Eithel Ivrin was kept in his protection. In FA 20, the Eithel Ivrin was the place where the Mereth Aderthad was held in the early days of the First Age. Túrin was led here by Gwindor just before going to Nargothrond to refresh himself after he accidentally killed his friend Beleg Cúthalion, mistaking him to be a foe.

Years later the Eithel Ivrin was defiled by an army led by Glaurung on its way to assail Nargothrond. It was destroyed after the War of Wrath along with everything else in the Beleriand.[1][2]

Etymology Edit

Eithel Ivrin is Sindarin word that meant 'springs of Ivrin'.[3]

Portrayal in Adaptations Edit

Translations around the World Edit

Foreign Language Translated name
Chinese (Hong Kong) 艾佛林泉
Russian Эйтель Иврин

References Edit

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