This article refers to the Steward of Gondor, father of Denethor II. For other namesakes, see Ecthelion (disambiguation).

Ecthelion II was the twenty-fifth Ruling Steward of Gondor.

Biography Edit

Born in TA 2886, Ecthelion was the son of Turgon. Ecthelion succeeded his father when he died in TA 2953 at the age of ninety-eight years. When news of Turgon's death reached Saruman he declared himself Lord of Isengard and took possession of Orthanc which he then fortified. Ecthelion was a Steward of great wisdom but was powerless to prevent the appropriation of Isengard and Orthanc, so he did what he could to strengthen Gondor's defences with what limited resources he possessed, and supplemented Gondor's diminished forces by encouraging outsiders and foreigners that possessed a good character to enter into the service of Gondor and Ecthelion rewarded those individuals that proved their worth.

Aragorn son of Arathorn served Ecthelion, although by the name of Thorongil to hide his true identity. In this guise Aragorn became one of Ecthelion's most trusted and loyal retainers. Thorongil persuaded the Steward to send him to destroy the threat posed by the Corsairs of Umbar, and in TA 2980 the Corsairs were routed, the majority of their fleet was destroyed, and their leader, the Captain of the Haven, was slain. Thorongil also advised Ecthelion to listen to the counsels of Gandalf as opposed to those of Saruman, which Ecthelion did willingly. However, the great esteem and many honors that Ecthelion gave to Thorongil and Gandalf incurred the jealousy and anger of Denethor who felt both slighted and threatened.

In TA 2984, Ecthelion died at the age of ninety-eight years old after a rule of thirty-one years and was succeeded by his son Denethor II.[2]

Etymology Edit

The name Ecthelion has three recorded meanings:

  1. It is said to derive from the Quenya ehtelë ("issue of water, spring")[3]
  2. Another entry lists the name origin as ehtë ("spear") and thela ("point of spear"), which means "Spear-point"[4]
  3. It is said to be derived from aeg ("sharp") and thel ("intent, resolve"). This would translate to "one of sharp resolve".[5]

House of HúrinEdit

of Emyn Arnen
Mardil Voronwë
Húrin I
Túrin I
Denethor I
Two daughters
Húrin II
Belecthor I
Ecthelion I
Belecthor II
Túrin II
Ecthelion II
Two daughters
Denethor II
House of Eorl

Translations around the World Edit

Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic ىچتهيليون ىى ?
Armenian Եծտհելիոն ԻԻ
Bengali এচ্থেলিওন ঈঈ
Bulgarian Ецтхелион ИИ
Catalan Ecthèlion II
Chinese (Hong Kong) 愛克西里昂二世
Georgian ეჩთჰელიონ II
Greek Εκθελιον ΙΙ
Gujarati ઍચ્થેલિઓન ઈઈ
Hebrew ישתהיליון יי ?
Hindi एच्थेलिओन ईई
Japanese エクセリオン2世
Lao ເຈຕຫເຣິໂນ ິ ິ  ?
Kazakh Ецтһеліон ЫЫ
Kurdish ه‌چتهه‌لیۆن ی ی (Arabic script) Ecthelion II (Latinised)
Kyrgyz Эцтhэлион Ы ?
Macedonian Ецтхелион ИИ
Nepali एच्थेलिओन ईई
Pashto ېچتهېلیون یی ?
Persian هچتههلیون یی ?
Russian Эктелион II
Serbian Ехтелионов ИИ (Cyrillic) Ehtelionov II ? (Latinised)
Sinhala ඒච්ථෙලිඔන් ඊඊ
Tajik Ечтҳелион ИИ
Tamil ஏச்த்ஹெலிஒந் ஈஈ
Telugu ఏచ్థెలిఒన ఈఈ
Ukrainian Ектеліон II
Urdu ےچتهےلیون یی ?
Uyghur ەچتھەلىون ى ى
Uzbek Ечтҳелион ИИ
Yiddish עקטהעליאָן וו
Ruling Steward of Gondor
Preceded by
Ecthelion II Succeeded by
Denethor II
TA 2953 - TA 2984

References Edit

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