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The name '''Ecthelion''' was borne by several characters:
'''Ecthelion''' may refer to:
* [[Ecthelion of the Fountain]] of [[Gondolin]], an [[Elves (Middle-earth)|Elf]]
:*[[Ecthelion of the Fountain]], a legendary [[Elf]] of [[Gondolin]];
* [[Ecthelion I]], 17th [[Steward of Gondor]]
:*[[Ecthelion I]], 17th [[Steward of Gondor|Ruling Steward of Gondor]];
* [[Ecthelion II]], 25th [[Steward of Gondor]]
:*[[Ecthelion II]], 25th Ruling Steward of Gondor, father of [[Denethor II]];
:*[[Tower of Ecthelion]], a [[tower]] in [[Minas Tirith]].
See also: [[Tower of Ecthelion]]
[[de:Ecthelion (Begriffsklärung)]]

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Ecthelion may refer to:

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