The Eastfold was a region of Rohan which bordered with the Westfold via the Snowbourn River on the west and bordered with Anórien in Gondor to the east.

The areas of the Eastfold that were not within the White Mountains were tall grasslands and had a modest climate.[1] The main parts of this land was the historic region of the Folde which hosted the Rohan's originally capital of Aldburg was part of this land, as with the Irensaga, Dwinorberg, and Dunharrow. The Great West Road that ran from Isengard through Gondor and then into Harad passed through the Eastfold.[2][3]

Hirgon, an Errand-rider of Gondor, braved his way through the Eastfold to bring the Red Arrow to Théoden at his camp.[4]

Translations around the World

Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Oostevou
Arabic إيستفولد
Bengali পূর্ব ধা
Bulgarian Cyrillic Изтокпъти
Catalan plec Est
Danish Østfold
Dutch Oostfold
Esperanto Orientegregejo
Estonian Idakorda
Finnish Idänkansi
French Pli d’Orient
German Ostfold
Hebrew קיפולמזרח
Hungarian Kelet-szeres
Italian Piega a est
Kyrgyz Cyrillic чыгыш эсе
Latvian Austrumos reizes
Lithuanian Rytų kartus
Macedonian Cyrillic Истокпати
Maltese Lvant tinja
Norwegian Østbrette
Russian Истфолд
Sinhalese නැගෙනහිර ගුණයකින්
Slovenian Vzhodu krat
Swedish Östervika
Tamil கிழக்கு மடங்கு
Telugu తూర్పు రెట్లు
Turkish Doğukat
Portuguese Dobra a leste
Ukrainian Cyrillic Східскладку
Uzbek Еастфолд (Cyrillic) Sharqiy barobar (Latin)
Welsh Plygu ddwyrain
Yiddish עאַסטפאָלד


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