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East Beleriand was the eastern region of Beleriand, located between West Beleriand and the Blue Mountains during the First Age of Middle-earth.


The wide and open regions of Lothlann, Maglor's Gap, Thargelion, and Ossiriand made up the majority of East Beleriand.[1] They were lands consisting mostly of hills and lowlands with dense forests[2], scattered woodlands, scrubs, stunted trees, and thickets.[3] The climate would have varied from severely cold and dry winters with short and cold summers, to mild winters and summers, all of which were under the influence of the cold and dry winds from Dor Daidelos and the Iron Mountains to the north, and the warm and moist winds coming from the sea.[4]


Before the Return of the Ñoldor, the areas of East Beleriand were inhabited by the Laiquendi living in Ossiriand and the Sindar in other parts. When the Ñoldor did return, the majority of the region was under control of the Sons of Fëanor. They built extensive fortresses in the area between Lothlann and Thargelion which buttressed Morgoth's domain in the farther north. The dominant languages during this time were Sindarin and Quenya but later there were also mannish speeches as well.

By the later First Age, more and more of this land fell under the power of Morgoth until it was finally conquered by the Dark Lord. It, along with the rest of Beleriand, was destroyed after the War of Wrath. However, some of it did survive into the Second and Third Ages becoming Lindon, the land of Gil-galad and then Círdan the Shipwright.[5]


Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Oos Beleriand
Albanian Lindja Beleriand
Amharic ምሥራቅ ቤልሪየን
Arabic الشرق بيليرياند
Armenian Արևելք Բելերիանդ
Azerbaijani Şərq Beleriand
Basque Ekialde Beleriand
Belarusian Cyrillic Усход Белеріанд
Bengali পূর্ব বেলেরিঅন্দ
Bosnian Istok Belerianda
Breton Reter Beleriand
Bulgarian Cyrillic Източен Белерианд
Catalan Beleriand oriental
Cebuano Sidlakan Beleriand
Chinese 東貝爾蘭
Croatian Istočni Belerianda
Cornish Est Beleriand
Czech Východní Beleriandu
Danish Øst-Beleriand
Dutch Oost Beleriand
Esperanto Orienta Beleriand
Estonian Ida Beleriand
Faroese Eystur Beleriand
Filipino Silangang Beleriand
Finnish Itä-Beleriand
French Beleriand de l'Est
Frisian Uasten Beleriand (Northern)

Easten Beleriand (Western) Aast Beleriand (Saterland)

Friulian Est Beleriand
Galician Beleriand Oriental
Georgian აღმოსავლეთი ბელერიანდ
German Ost Beleriand
Greek Ανατολή Μπελέριαντ
Gujarati પૂર્વ બેલેરીઅન્ડ
Haitian Creole Ès Beleriand
Hawaiian Hikina Beleriand
Hebrew מזרח בעלעריאַנד
Hindi ईस्ट बेलेरिअन्द
Hungarian Kelet Beleriand
Icelandic Austur Beleriand
Indonesian Timur Beleriand
Irish Gaelic Oirthear Beleriand
Italian Beleriand Orientale
Japanese 東原書
Javanese Wétan Beleriand
Kazakh Шығыс Белеріанд (Cyrillic) Şığıs Beleriand (Latin)
Kannada ಪೂರ್ವ ಬೇಲೇರಿಯಾನ್ಡ್
Korean 동쪽 벨레리안드
Kurdish Rojhilat Beleriand (Kurmanji Kurdish)
Kyrgyz Cyrillic чыгыш Бэлэрианд
Latin Beleriand
Latvian Austrumi Beleriand
Lithuanian Rytus Beleriand
Luxembourgish Osten Beleriand
Macedonian Cyrillic Исток Белерианд
Malagasy Atsinanana Beleriand
Malaysian Timur Beleriand
Maltese Beleriand tal-Lvant
Manx Beleriand Hiar
Maori Rawhiti Beleriand
Marathi पूर्व भेलेरिअन्द
Mongolian Cyrillic Зүүн Бэлэрианд
Nepalese पूर्व बेलेरिया
Norwegian Øst Beleriand
Norwegian Nynorsk Aust Beleriand
Occitan Èst Beleriand
Pashto ختيځ بېلېریاند
Persian بلریاند شرقی
Polish Wschodni Beleriand
Portuguese Beleriand Oriental
Punjabi ਪੂਰਬ ਬੈਲੇਰੀਂਡ
Romanian Beleriand de Est
Russian Восточный Белериан
Scottish Gaelic Beleriand an Ear
Serbian Исток Белерианд (Cyrillic) Istok Beleriand (Latin)
Sesotho Bochabela Beleriand
Shona Mabvazuva Beleriand
Sinhalese නැගෙනහිර බෙලෙරිඅඳ්
Slovak Východ Beleriand
Slovenian Vzhodno Beleriand
Somalian Bari Beleriand
Spanish Beleriand Oriente
Sudanese Wetan Beleriand
Swahili Beleriand Mashariki
Swedish Östlig Beleriand
Tagalog Silangang Beleriand
Tajik Cyrillic Белерианд Шарқ
Tamil கிழக்கு பெலேரியாண்ட
Telugu తూర్పు బేలేరియాను
Thai เบเลริอันด์ตะวันออก
Turkish Doğu Beleriand
Turkmen Gündogar Beleriand
Ukrainian Cyrillic Схід Белеріанд
Urdu مشرق بیلیراانڈ
Uzbek Чарқ Белерианд (Cyrillic) Sharq Beleriand (Latin)
Veps Päivnouzm Beleriand
Vietnamese Hướng Đông Beleriand
Wallonian Levant Beleriand
Waray Sinirangan Beleriand
Welsh Beleriand Dwyrain
Xhosa Bucala ngasekhohlo Beleriand
Yiddish מיזרח בעליייאַנד
Zazaki Rocvetış Beleriand


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