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Eärien was a Númenórean lady of the Second Age, the daughter of Lord Elendil of Andúnië and sister of Isildur and Anárion in Amazon Studios' The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power television series.

She is portrayed by American actress Ema Horvath.


Eärien is first seen meeting Isildur on the coast as he returns from a voyage during his time as a sea-cadet, bringing the family's horse Berek, who bears supplies. Later, she and Isildur meet Elendil back in Armenelos, and question him about his new duty watching over Galadriel. Eärien prompts Isildur to reveal to their father his intentions to defer the trials to enter the Sea-guard, and lets slip that her brother's motivation for doing so is influenced by their brother Anárion. Elendil sternly warns Isildur about the wisdom of this decision before a messenger arrives, bearing a message for Eärien telling her she has been accepted as an apprentice to the Builder's Guild.

Eärien sees Isildur leave - TRoP

Eärien witnesses her father and brother leave for Middle-earth

In the following days, Eärien meets Kemen following a speech made by his father, Pharazôn, and later goes on a date with him. After Míriel's announcement that Númenor will send military aid to the Southlands of Middle-earth, Eärien is upset at the prospect of lives being lost, and convinces Kemen to talk to his father, though this is to no avail. Eärien watches tearfully as Elendil and Isildur depart with the host.

Before the expedition from Middle-earth returns Tar-Palantir nears death, causing Pharazôn to call the draftsmen of Númenor to design a tomb for him. A number of apprentices are given the opportunity to make a design as well, Eärien among them. In the hour given her alone with the king to sketch his likeness, Tar-Palantir mistakes Eärien for his daughter Míriel, and unlocks for her the door to the high chamber of the tower. Eärien finds there the palantír and looks into it.


Eärien means "Daughter of the Sea," from the Quenya words ("sea") and the feminine suffix -ien ("daughter").