Most monstrous Dwarven foes are all best dealt with at a distance, and the pike is the best solution for delivering strength beyond arm's reach. Aragorn finds one such Dwarven pike near Balin's tomb and, with it, is able to fend off a cave troll for a few moments on his own. The Dwarves Pikeman is seldom this foolhardy, so he typically is part of a close rank-and-file formation known as a Phalanx. A Phalanx is able to withstand direct charge by cavalry and can bring down giant brutes with a minimum of casualties. Much like other pikemen, Dwarven pikemen are employed to counter cavalry units, large combat animals such as dragons, trolls, giants and also to perform creeping operations to remove dens across the battlefield.

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A Dwarven Phalanx


Dwarven phalanx in the BFME games

Portrayals in games

The Pikemen-unit for the Dwarven faction in Battle for Middle-Earth II goes by the same name.

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