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Dwarven Guardian is a character class in the Electronic Arts The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II video game.

Each Dwarven citadel is a well-defended and massive complex of tunnels, workshops and great halls. For thousands of years these halls have been defended by stalwart and fearless warriors equipped with axe and shield. In all of Middle-earth there are few warriors who could stand toe-to-toe against a Dwarven Guardian. Every Dwarf is naturally strong and skilled with tools—the tools of war are no exception. Guardians have been called to march against countless throngs of Goblins in dark caves or ancient powerful dragons on high mountain summits. After so many lifetimes of protecting the priceless treasures of their brothers, the Guardians have become a soldier of Middle-earth to be both feared and respected.

Dwarven Guardians are the backbone of any Dwarven army. Equipped with heavy armor, massive shields, and a huge razor sharp axe, they are slow but powerful. They are the only infantry unit that can be upgraded to deal extra damage towards structures, thanks to the Siege Hammers upgrade at the Forge.

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Dwarven Guardians

Dwarv guardian

A dwarven guardian

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