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A Dwarven Axe Thrower

The axe is the favored weapon of the Dwarves. It is heavy, sturdy, sharp and can be used as a both a tool and a weapon. In lieu of the long-range bows of human hunters, or the complex crossbow of the Uruk-hai, the Dwarves deploy Axe-Throwers—the perfect weapon while battling in close quarters such as tunnels or underground passages. Their instinctive ability to handle the heft of the hand-axe affords them excellent force and accuracy when used as short-range weapons. Dwarven tools are built to last, and after the battle, Dwarves are careful to recover every weapon they can find. There is nothing more irritating to a Dwarven combatant than seeing an abandoned hand-axe in the hands of a filthy scavenging Orc.

They are one of only three ranged infantry that can deal slash damage at range, the others being the Axe Throwers of Isengard and the Hill-men Axe throwers of Angmar. Despite their short range, they deal damage on par with more advanced archers and can make short work of any units, especially when upgraded with Forged Blades.

Dwarv axe thrower

A Dwarven axe thrower

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