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Durin I, known also as Durin the Deathless, of Khazad-dûm was the oldest of the Seven Fathers of the Dwarves, first created by Aulë the Vala.


Durin was set to sleep alone beneath Mount Gundabad by Aulë, until the Elves awoke, for Ilúvatar ordained that Elves would be the firstborn.[1]

Upon his awakening at Mount Gundabad in the Years of the Trees, Durin traveled until he came upon the Mirrormere, the lake that the Dwarves call Kheled-zâram. He created there a great city within the Misty Mountains.[2] This was Khazad-dûm, later known as Moria. Durin's awakening place of Mount Gundabad became a holy place to the Dwarves and Durin himself was revered by all Dwarves.

Durin founded the line of Dwarves called Durin's Folk. Durin was called the Deathless because he lived far longer than any other known Dwarf. It was also believed that Durin would be reincarnated among his descendants a total of six times.


Durin's Axe and Durin's Helm remained in Khazad-dûm after it was deserted in the TA 1981 year of the Third Age. In TA 2989 the relics were found again by Balin's expedition, and lost again in TA 2994 when the Dwarf-colony was destroyed. (See Book of Mazarbul.) Later, while passing through Moria with the Fellowship, Gimli sang a poem about Durin.


The name Durin, like other names of Tolkien's Dwarves, was taken from Old Norse. In Tolkien's fiction, Dalish (the language of Dale) had the same relationship to Rohirric and Westron as Old Norse has to English, so since Westron was rendered in English, the language of Dale was rendered in Old Norse. The Dwarvish names were in the language of Dale, which therefore was rendered in Old Norse in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.


Foreign Language Translated name
Chinese (Simplified) 都灵一世(不死都灵)
Chinese (Traditional) 都靈一世 (不死都靈)
Georgian დურინ l
Hebrew דורין הראשון (Durin I)

דורין הנצחי (Durin the Deathless)

Korean 두린 1세
Russian Дурин I
Latvian Durins Pirmais (Durin I)

Durins Nemirstīgais (Durin the Deathless)