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Zirak-zigil Durin's Tower 2

Rendition of Durin's Tower used for Peter Jackson's films

Durin's Tower was a Dwarven tower that stood on the peak of Zirakzigil above Moria to the south of the Redhorn Pass, at which Gandalf defeated the Balrog "Durin's Bane" in the Battle of the Peak.[1] During the battle, the tower was destroyed.

It could only be reached by a long stairwell which began in the deep far below the mines.[2] This passage would have become blocked in the Battle of the Peak.


The broken remains of Durin's Tower as seen from the slopes of Zirak-zigil below, in The Lord of the Rings Online

Translation around the world Edit

Foreign Language Translated name
Albanian Kulla e Durinit
Azerbaijani Durinın qüllə
Bulgarian Cyrillic Кулата на Дурин
Catalan Torre de Durin
Croatian Durinovi toranj
Czech Durinův věž
Danish Durins Tårn
Esperanto Turo de Durin
Finnish Durinin torni
French Tour de Durin
German Durins Turm
Greek Πύργος του Ντούριν
Hebrew דורין של מגדל
Hindi डूरिन का टॉवर
Hungarian Durin tornya
Icelandic Durins Turninn
Indonesian Menara Durin
Irish Gaelic Túr Durin
Italian Torre di Durin
Japanese ドゥーリンの塔
Kazakh Дұрінның мұнара (Cyrillic) Durinnıñ munara (Latin)
Korean 두린의 탑
Macedonian Cyrillic Кула Дурина
Malaysian Menara Durin
Mongolian Cyrillic Дурин-ийн цамхаг
Norwegian Durins Tårn
Polish Wieża Durina
Portuguese Torre de Durin
Punjabi ਡੁਰਿਨ ਦਾ ਟਾਵਰ
Russian Башня Дурина
Scottish Gaelic Tùr Durin
Slovak Durinova veža
Slovenian Durina stolp
Spanish La torre de Durin
Swedish Durins Torn
Turkish Durin'in Kulesi
Uzbek Дуриннинг минора (Cyrillic) Durinning minora (Latin)
Welsh Tŵr Babel
Yiddish טורעם פון דורין


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