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Durin's Stone in The Lord of the Rings Online, neglected and overrun by Orcs

Durin's stone was a pillar that Durin I placed where he first encountered Kheled-zâram.

In TA 2994, Balin was slain here.


Foreign Language Translated name
Azerbaijani Durinın daş
Bulgarian Cyrillic Камък на Дурин
Catalan Pedra de Durin
Croatian Durinov kamen
Czech Durinova Kámen
Danish Durins sten
Esperanto La ŝtono de Durin
Finnish Durinin kivi
French La pierre de Durin
Galician A pedra de Durin
German Durins Stein
Hebrew אבן דורין
Italian Pietra di Durin
Norwegian Durins stein
Polish Kamień Durina
Portuguese Pedra da Durin
Russian Столп Дурина
Slovak Durinov kameň
Spanish La piedra de Durin
Swedish Durins sten
Turkish Durin'in taşı
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