Durin's Axe was a great heirloom of the Dwarves of Durin's Folk. It was the axe of Durin I, the father of the Longbeard dwarves.


Durin's Axe remained in Khazad-dûm after it was deserted in the TA 1981 year of the Third Age. In TA 2989 it was found again by Balin's expedition, and lost again in TA 2994 when the Dwarf-colony was destroyed. The account of Balin's expedition, including the finding of the axe, was written down in the Book of Mazarbul prior to the colony's downfall.

In the year TA 3019, the Fellowship of the Ring entered Moria, where they discovered the Book of Mazarbul and learned of Balin's fate.[1]


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