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Drogoth artwork

Drogoth flying over the battlefield

Drogoth the Dragon Lord is a character created by EA Games for the game The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II. He is an immense winged, fire-breathing dragon allied with the Goblin faction. He as well appears for the same faction in the Expansion pack for BFME2, The Rise of the Witch-king.

History (Good Campaign) Edit

Drogoth joins Sauron and commands the Goblins in exchange for one of the Dwarven Rings of Power, for as it is said, most of the Dwarven Rings were "consumed" by Dragons. He commands a legion of Goblins, and takes over a Dwarven city in the Blue Mountains as his new lair. With the arrival of Glorfindel and Gloin, the Dwarves were able to fight back a multitude of Goblins, Spiders, Trolls, and Fire-drakes. In the end, Glorfindel and Gloin destroyed Drogoth and the Dwarves reclaimed their home and the Dwarven Ring. Unfortunately, they refused to aid the Elves against Sauron, and instead returned to mine for more gems in their underground tunnels.

History (Evil Campaign) Edit

In the BFME II Evil Campaign, Sauron's legion from Dol Guldur heads to the Withered Heath in attempt to recruit Drogoth and the Dragons in their war against the Dwarves. After slaughtering the Dwarven warriors and freeing the Dragons' offspring, the Mouth of Sauron recruits Drogoth in exchange for a Dwarven Ring of Power and the treasures from the Lonely Mountain.

Drogoth takes part in the final battle at Rivendell, as a hero who can be recruited.

Drogoth the dragon lord II

Drogoth the Dragon-Lord with a new image from Rise of the Witch-King

Powers and Abilities Edit

Drogoth costs 5000 resources, the most costly Goblin hero apart from Sauron, but if he is able to stay away from archers (like Mirkwood Archers) and level up to Lvl. 10 he is very deadly. Drogoth's main attack is charging at buildings and enemies, but as he levels up he gains a fireball move, a wind blast through his wings, a fire flight ability, and an Incinerate power which is just like the Balrog's and the Goblin/Isengard dragon's. When he levels up, Drogoth is one of the most powerful enemies in the game through his fire abilities, which can cause massive damage to structures.

See also Edit

  • Úrgost, another game-implemented Dragon

External link Edit

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