Drogo Baggins was a Hobbit of the Shire and the father of Frodo Baggins, who was one of the many bearers of the One Ring.

Biography Edit

Drogo Baggins was the eldest son of Fosco Baggins and was the brother of Dora and Dudo Baggins. He married Primula Brandybuck and they had only one child, Frodo Baggins. He was a second cousin of Bilbo Baggins. After his marriage, he lived in Buckland and often stayed at Brandy Hall, where his father-in-law, Gorbadoc Brandybuck kept a generous table. Drogo and his wife died when Frodo was only twelve years old: they drowned in the Brandywine River, but there was some debate as to why. Some said that he and Primula went boating after dinner and his weight sunk the boat, while others maintained that his death was not an accident, and his wife pushed him in and was then pulled in after him.

Samwise Gamgee's father, The Gaffer, described him as a "decent, respectable hobbit" who was "partial to his vittles."[1][2]

Translations around the world Edit

Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic ዽሮጎ ባግጊንስ
Arabic دروغو باغينز
Armenian Դրոգո Բագգինս
Belarusian Cyrillic Дрого Баггінс
Bengali ড্রগো ব্যাগিন্স
Bulgarian Cyrillic Дрого Баггинс
Chinese (Simplified) 德罗戈巴金斯
Czech Drogo Pytlík
Danish Drogo Sækker
Dutch Drogo Balings
French Drogon Sacquet
Georgian ძროგო ბაგგინს
German Drogo Beutlin
Gujarati ડ્રોગો બગ્ગિન્સ
Greek Δρογο Μπάγκινς
Hebrew דרוגו באגינס
Hindi ड्रोगो बग्गिन्स
Hungarian Zsákos Drogó
Japanese ドロゴ ・ バギンズ
Kannada ಡ್ರೊಗೊ ಭಗ್ಗಿನ್ಸ್
Kazakh Дрого Баггінс (Cyrillic) Drogo Baggins (Latin)
Korean 드로고 배긴스
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Дрого Баггинс
Macedonian Cyrillic Дрого Баггинс
Marathi ड्रोगो भग्गिन्स
Mongolian Cyrillic Дрого Баггинс
Nepalese ड्रोगो बग्गिन्स
Pashto ضروګو باګګینس ?
Persian ضروگو باگگینس ?
Portuguese (Brazil) Drogo Bolseiro
Portuguese (Portugal) Drogo Baggins
Punjabi ਡ੍ਰੋਗੋ ਬਾਗ੍ਗਿਨ੍ਸ
Russian Дрого Бэггинс
Sanskrit ड्रोगो बग्गिन्स्
Serbian Дрого Баггинс (Cyrillic) Drogo Baggins (Latin)
Sinhalese ඩ්‍රොගො බග්ගින්ස්
Spanish (Spain and Latin America) Drogo Bolsón
Tajik Cyrillic Дрого Баггинс
Tamil ட்ராகோ பேகின்ஸ் ?
Telugu డ్రొగొ బగ్గిన్స
Ukrainian Cyrillic Дроґо Баґґінс
Uzbek Дрого Баггинс (Cyrillic) Drogo Baggins (Latin)
Yiddish דראָגאָ באַגגינס

References Edit

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