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Drúadan Forest, also known as the Tawar-in-Drúedain,[1] was a pine forest of Gondor, located in Anórien, which was north of Minas Tirith. The forest was inhabited by a strange folk of men known as the Drúedain, the Wild Men of the Woods. 

According to the The Atlas of Middle-earth, the forest was over forty miles in total length.[2] The highest point in the forest was Eilenach, which was the second Warning beacon.[1]


The forest had been occupied by the Drúedain since sometime between or sometime after the Second Age years: SA 883 and SA 1075.[3] It was known for being avoided by outsiders.[1] The forest is remembered most for when the Riders of Rohan where guided through it on their way to the relief of Minas Tirith, by the leader of the Wild Men, Ghân-buri-Ghân. There was a road there, created long ago by the "Stonehouse-folk" (Men of Gondor), that everyone except the Wild Men had forgotten. It would have taken the Drúedain from sunrise to noon to walk it, but it required around ten hours for all of Rohan's army to get through. Each company of soldiers was guided by a Wild Man, who also sent out scouts to keep their movements secret. Movement through the forest keep the army from being spotted by the enemy.[4]

In the Fourth Age, King Elessar declared that the men of the forest would have the land to themselves because of their help during the war.[5]


Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Drúadanwoud
Azerbaijani Drúadan Meşəsi
Basque Drúadan basoa
Catalan Bosc de Drúadan
Chinese 督伊頓森林
Czech Drúadánský les/Les Drúedáinů
Danish Drúadanskoven
Dutch Drúadanwoud
Finnish Drúadanin metsä
French Forêt de Drúadan
Galician Bosque de Drúadan
German Drúadan-Wald
Hebrew יער דרואדאן
Hungarian Drúadan-erdő
Icelandic Drúadanskógur
Italian Foresta di Drúadan
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Дрúадан токой
Macedonian Cyrillic Шума Дрјадан
Maltese Foresta ta 'Drúadan
Norwegian Drúadanskog
Polish Lasu Drúadan
Portuguese Floresta de Drúadan
Romanian Pădurea Drúadan
Russian Друадан Леса (Drúadan Forest) Тавар-ин-Друэдайн (Tawar-in-Drúedain)
Serbian Друаданска шума (Cyrillic) Druadanska šuma (Latin)
Spanish Bosque de Drúadan
Swedish Drúadanskogen
Turkish Drúadan Ormanı
Turkmen Drúadan Tokaýlygy
Ukrainian Cyrillic Лісі Друадан
Uzbek Друадан Ўрмони (Cyrillic) Druadan O'rmoni (Latin)
Vietnamese Rừng Drúadan