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Dorongúr Whitethorn was an Elf and one of the original inhabitants of Edhelion. Dorongúr led Elrond and the player to the place where they saw that Skorgrím Dourhand and two Dourhands had surrounded Talagan Silvertongue, the lord of Edhelion. Talagan Silvertongue, in an attempt to protect Edhelion's relics, destroyed the entrance of the palace in which not only the Dourhands die, but Talagan himself too.[1] Dorongúr and the survivors of Edhelion leave the city, on Elrond's counsel. Unlike many of the other survivors Dorongúr does not sail to Valinor but remains in Middle-earth.

Eventually after six centuries Dorongúr leads a company of Elves, against the counsel of Elrond, to Edhelion and with the aid of Dorollas and the player attempts to restore the city.[2] But the city is befouled by many evils and soon was attacked by a group of Goblins.[3] Eventually it was discovered that the Goblins were allied with Angmar and the Dourhands,[4] who wanted to revive Skorgrím Dourhand.[5] Dorongúr leads the Elves and a company of Longbeardsin war against the Goblins and the Dourhands and drive them from Thorin's Gate, while Dwalin and the player try to stop the reviving of Skorgrím, but they fail.[6] Dorongúr gives attempt to restore Edhelion up and leads the Elves to the city Duilond, where he becomes lord.[7]

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