Dor-Cúarthol (referring to the Two Captains, Beleg and Túrin), was a center of resistance against the forces of Morgoth in the Beleriand during latter part of the First Age.

The helm and the bow by abepapakhian-d24081l

Túrin and Beleg the defenders of Dor-Cúarthol, the (Land of Bow and Helm), by Abe Papakhian


The realm was established after Beleg agreed to join his good friend in opposition to the orcs infesting the area. This resulted in an alliance which protected an area that occupied a land between the river Teiglin and Talath Dirnen. It was during this time that Túrin went by the name Gorthol. For almost a year, the alliance held off the Orcs of Morgoth until the treachery of Mîm the dwarf brought it to a bloody end. Túrin's location was eventually discovered and orcs slew the outlaws, covering the hilltop with real blood putting an end to the Dor-Cúarthol.[1]


Dor-Cúarthol was Sindarin for 'Land of Bow and Helm'.[2]


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