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War of the Ring

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The Destruction of Isengard was a successful assault on Isengard launched by a large group of Ents and Huorns. Persuaded by Treebeard to take action, they attacked Isengard and destroyed the fortress, although they could not bring down Orthanc. This was partially enabled by the fact that all the Uruk-hai had been sent to Rohan, leaving only weak Orcs behind.



After a three day long Entmoot, an army of Ents and Huorn set off for the fortress of Isengard, making a terrifying racket. They arrived and began their attack on March 2nd. The time of their assault was fortunate, because they arrived just when the wizard Saruman was emptying Isengard for a final assault on Rohan. As a result, there were few left to defend Isengard besides Saruman himself.

Once the army of Isengard had left for Rohan, the Ents launched their attack on the walls. Attempts were made to hinder them with arrows, but these only served to irritate the attackers further, and, in a matter of minutes the Gate and much of the Southern wall was reduced to ruin.

The battle

As the Hobbits Merry and Pippin, who were present during the battle, later recounted to their friends, Ents are so strong that their punches can crumple iron like tinfoil, and they can tear apart solid rock like breadcrusts. A ring of Huorns surrounded Isengard and killed all escaping Orcs.

Once the Gate and walls had been reduced to rubble, a young Ent named Quickbeam in the Westron tongue, spotted Saruman, and made for him, shouting 'The Tree Killer!', for his people and all Fangorn forest in general had suffered from heavy deforestation to fuel the furnaces of Saruman. Other Ents followed him, but Saruman succeeded in escaping into the tower of Orthanc. Once in the tower, he activated spouts and vents all over the plain, scorching many Ents who had entered the fortress. One Ent, Beechbone, was unlucky enough to be caught fully in one of the fiery blasts, and the death of this Ent by Saruman's fire caused the Ent host to go berserk. Merry and Pippin recounted the incident, saying that the enraged roars of the Ents were enough to crack the stones. They destroyed the buildings and machinery on the plain, but could do nothing to hurt the tower itself.

At this point, the Ents took counsel and came up with a new plan of attack. By digging trenches and destroying Saruman's dam, the Ents and Huorns were to divert the course of the river Isen itself. As the Ents pulled down the dam, Gandalf arrived, meeting Treebeard and the hobbits during the night. Gandalf took counsel with Treebeard, resulting in the Huorns' involvement at the Battle of the Hornburg. At midnight, the Ents succeeded in destroying the dam, and the river flooded the 'bowl' of Isengard, submerging everything but the tower and filling in all the tunnels and holes where the machinery of war had been. The destruction of Isengard was complete, although Saruman was still untouched in the tower. Some men from Dunland surrendered and were allowed to leave.[1]

The sound defeat of Saruman's hosts at the Battle of the Hornburg and the destruction of his fortress rendered him incapable of causing the West any further military harm, although he still had the power of his persuasive and commanding voice, with which he could still do (and did do) harm. Had the Ents not destroyed Isengard, despite the destruction of Saruman's main army, he still could have withstood a siege with his few remaining forces behind Isengard's normally impregnable walls, biding his time until he could renew his strength.[citation needed]

Portrayal in adaptations

The Two Towers film

The battle is depicted in Peter Jackson's 2002 film The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. There are a few differences between the novel and film: Saruman is already in Orthanc when the Ents arrive, as is Gríma Wormtongue. There are also many Orcs and Uruks left over at Isengard, whom the Ents destroy while the Huorns leave for Helm's Deep. Merry and Pippin are also more involved in the battle, sitting on Treebeard's branches and pelting Orcs and wildmen with rocks. Later (only in the Extended Edition) Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Gandalf, and Théoden arrive at the foot of Orthanc to extract information from Saruman, but only to be greeted by Saruman's magical voice. He attempts to charm Théoden into accepting his offer of peace, but Théoden refuses. The treacherous wizard tries to kill Gandalf after Gandalf offered him mercy, but Gandalf destroys his staff. Théoden tries to convince Wormtongue to leave Saruman, but Saruman slaps Wormtongue in the face in anger. In response, Wormtongue stabs Saruman in the back, who falls from Orthanc and lands on a spike. Legolas then shoots at Wormtongue and kills him.

The Lord of the Rings: Conquest

In the RPG The Lord of the Rings: Conquest, both the Ents and the Rohirrim participate. The Rohirrim capture the Pits of Isengard, slaying the Uruk-hai Captain in charge and destroying Saruman's fire machines. This prevented the Ents from taking further fire damage. The Rohirrim then proceed to kill Wormtongue and take the keys to Isengard to Treebeard. The Ents take over, destroying all the watchtowers and capturing the Gates of Orthanc. Gandalf then arrives to climb Orthanc and kills Saruman.


Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Slag van Isengard
Albanian Beteja e Isengard
Amharic ዒሰንጋርድ የጦርነት
Arabic معركة ايسينجارد
Armenian Իսենգարդ ճակատամարտ
Azerbaijani Isengard döyüşü
Basque Isengardeko gudua
Belarusian Cyrillic Айзенгард бітва
Bengali ঈসেঙার্দ যুদ্ধ
Bosnian Bitka kod Isengard
Breton Emgann Isengard
Bulgarian Cyrillic Битка при Исенгард
Catalan Batalla de Ísengard
Cebuano Gubat sa Isengard
Chinese (Hong Kong) 艾辛格毀滅之戰
Croatian Bitka kod Isengard
Czech Bitva u Isengard
Danish Ødelæggelsen af Isengard
Dutch Slag bij Isengard
Esperanto Batalo de Isengard
Estonian Isengard lahing
Fijian Ivalu ni Isengard
Filipino Labanan ng Isengard
Finnish Isengard taistelu
France Bataille de Isengard
Georgian ისენგარდ ბრძოლა
Galician Batalla de Isengard
German Schlacht von Isengart
Greek Μάχη της Ισενγαρδ
Haitian Creole Batay la Isengard
Hausa Yakin na Isengard
Hawaiian Kaua o Isengard
Hebrew קרב יסינגארד
Hindi ईसेङर्द की लड़ाई
Hmong Sib ntaus sib tua ntawm Isengard
Hungarian Isengardi csata
Icelandic Orrustan við Isengard
Indonesian Pertempuran Isengard
Irish Gaelic Cath Isengard
Italian Battaglia di Isengard
Japanese アイゼンガルドの戦い
Javanese Perang Isengard
Kannada ಇಸೆನ್ಗಾರ್ಡ್ನಲ್ಲಿ ಕದನ
Kazakh Cyrillic Ысенгард Бәдір
Korean 이레나드 전투
Kurdish Şerê Isengard (Latin)
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Исэнгард согушу
Laotian ຮົບຂອງີຊເງະຣດ
Latin Pugna ad Isengard
Latvian Kauja par Isengard
Lithuanian Isengard mūšis
Macedonian Cyrillic Битка кај Исенгард
Malay Pertempuran Isengard
Maltese Battalja ta 'Isengard
Maori Pakanga o Isengard
Marathi ईसेङ्गर्द लढाई
Mongolian Cyrillic Исэнгард тулалдаан
Norwegian Slaget ved Jarnagard
Occitan Batalha de Isengard
Pashto د اسینګارد جګړه
Persian نبرد ایزنگارد
Polish Bitwa o Isengard
Portuguese Batalha de Isengard
Punjabi ਈਸੇਨ੍ਗਰ੍ਦ ਦੀ ਲੜਾਈ
Romanian Bătălia de la Isengard
Russian Битва при Изенгард
Samoan Taua o Isengard
Scottish Gaelic Blàr de Isengard
Serbian Битка код Изенгард (Cyrillic) Bitka kod Izengard (Latin)
Sesotho Ntoa ea Isengard
Sicilian Battagghia di li Isengard
Sinhalese ඊසෙඞර්ද් සටන
Slovak Bitka pri Isengard
Slovenian Bitka pri Isengard
Somalian Dagaalka ee Isengard
Spanish Batalla de Isengard
Sudanese Patempuran Isengard
Swahili Vita vya Isengard
Swedish Slaget vid Isengård
Tahitian Aroraa o te Isengard
Tamil ஈஸெஙர்த் சண்டை
Telugu ఇసెంగార్డ్ యుద్ధం
Thai การรบไอเซนการ์ด
Turkish Isengard Muharebesi
Ukrainian Cyrillic Битва коло Ізенгард
Urdu اسانگآرد کی جنگ
Uzbek Исенгард жанги (Cyrillic) Isengard jangi (Latin)
Vietnamese Trận Isengard
Welsh Brwydr Isengard
Xhosa Imfazwe yeIsengard
Yiddish שלאַכט פון יסענגאַרד