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The Deeping Wall was a long, twenty foot-high wall of stone which formed part of the Hornburg, the fortress of Rohan in Helm's Deep.

Wide enough for four men to walk abreast, the parapet was high enough that only a tall man could look over it, although there were slits allowing the defenders to shoot arrows at attackers. The outer face of the wall was smooth and curved outward at the top, making it harder for attackers to raise ladders. At the wall's eastern end there was a tower, and at the western end a stair leading up to the fortress. There were also three stairs at the rear, allowing defenders to descend and then retreat either to the Glittering Caves or into the Hornburg via a rear door.


Built in the founding of Gondor after the Downfall of Numenor by the descendants of The Faithful, it was exceedingly thick and strong. It was possibly the most important part of the Fortress of the Hornburg, stretching from the keep to the end of the opening to the Deep. It also was the most vulnerable, for contained within the wall was a culvert which served as a drain for the water that would accumulate from the steady flow of the Deeping-stream. This weakness was exploited in the Battle of the Hornburg by Saruman, who had his Uruks warriors set an explosive "fire" in the culvert to sufficiently penetrate and breach the Wall, forcing the Rohirrim to withdraw to the keep.[1]


Foreign Language Translated name
Danish Klintemuren
Dutch Dieptemuur
Finnish Syvänteenmuuri
German Klammwall
Hebrew חומת הנקרה
Italian Mura Fossato
Swedish Klyftmuren


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