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Map of Arnor

The Dúnedain of Arnor were one of the two great divisions of the descendants of the Númenóreans living in Middle-earth (the other being the Dúnedain of Gondor in the South-kingdom).


Aragorn II, Chieftain of the Dúnedain of Arnor, and Isildur's Heir

Before the foundation of Arnor, there was already a sizable Númenórean population living in Eriador, a result of the slow emigration of Númenóreans which had started under Tar-Meneldur and Tar-Aldarion. The region was home to Middle Men of Edain stock, and the early colonists soon interbred with the indigenous population. After the Downfall of Númenor, Elendil and his four ships of refugees joined with the colonists to become the Dúnedain of Arnor.

The North-kingdom of Arnor was founded in SA 3320 by the High King of the Dúnedain, Elendil. After his death in the War of the Last Alliance the Sceptre of Annúminas was inherited by Isildur and then passed to his descendants via his youngest surviving son, Valandil. Before the end of the first millenium of the Third Age, the land of Arnor fell into dispute between the sons of High King Eärendur.

Afterwards the Dúnedain who lived there became divided into three realms: Arthedain, Cardolan and Rhudaur. One by one, these kingdoms fell to war, plague, and assaults by the evil-realm of Angmar and finally ended in TA 1975 with the death of its last King Arvedui. The last of the Dúnedain of Arnor had become a dwindled and wandering people known as the Rangers of the North.

Aragorn as King of the Reunited Kingdom

Nonetheless, the line of Isildur was maintained through the Chieftain of the Rangers of the North. Aragorn II was Isildur's Heir through thirty-nine generations, and it was he who reunited the Kingdoms of the Dúnedain after three thousand years of separation, restoring the realm of Arnor[1]


Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Dúnedain van Arnor
Albanian Dúnedain i Arnorit
Arabic دوندين من أرنور
Armenian Դունեդաին Արնոր
Azerbaijani Arnor'dan Dúnedain
Basque Arnor de Dúnedain
Belarusian Cyrillic Дунэдайн з Арнор
Bengali আর্নোর এর ডুনেদাইন
Bulgarian Cyrillic Дюнеайн от Арнор
Catalan Dúnedain d'Àrnor
Cebuano Dúnedain sa Arnor
Cornish Dúnedain a Arnor
Corsican Dúnedain di Arnor
Croatian Dúnedain od Arnora
Czech Dúnadani z Arnora
Danish Dúnedain af Arnor
Dutch Dúnedain van Arnor
Esperanto Dúnedain de Arnor
Estonian Arnori Dúnedain
Faroese Dúnedain av Arnor
Fijian Dúnedain ni Arnor
Filipino Dúnedain ng Arnor
Finnish Pohjoisen dúnedain
French Dúnedain du Arnor
Frisian Dúnedain fan Arnor
Galician Dúnedain de Arnor
Georgian არნორის დუნდელი
German Dúnedain von Arnor
Greek Ντούνενταϊν της Άρνορ
Haitian Creole Dúnedain nan Arnor
Hawaiian Dúnedain o Arnor
Hebrew דונאדין של ארנור
Hindi अर्नेर के ड्यूनडैन
Hmong Dúnedain ntawm Arnor
Icelandic Dúnedain af Arnor
Igbo Dúnedain nke Arnor
Indonesian Dúnedain dari Arnor
Irish Gaelic Dúnedain na Arnor
Italian Dúnedain di Arnor
Japanese アルノールのドゥーネダイン
Kazakh Cyrillic Арнор келген Дұнедаін ?
Korean 아르노의 뒤 네드 인
Kurdish Dúnedain ji Arnor (Latin)
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Арнор Дунэдаин
Laotian ດນເດະິນຂອງາຣນໂຣ
Latin Dúnedain et Arnor
Latvian Arnoras dunedīns
Luxembourgish Dúnedain vun Arnor
Macedonian Cyrillic Дунедаин од Арнор
Malagasy Dúnedain ny Arnor
Malay Dúnedain daripada Arnor
Maltese Dúnedain ta 'Arnor
Maori Dúnedain o Arnor
Marathi आर्नोर ड्यूडेनइन
Mongolian Cyrillic Арнор Дунэдаин
Norwegian Dúnedain av Arnor
Occitan Dúnedain de Arnor
Persian دونداین از آرنور
Polish Dúnedainowie z Arnor
Portuguese Dúnedain de Arnor
Punjabi ਅਰਨਰ ਦੀ ਡੁਡਡੇਨ
Romanian Dúnedain de Arnor
Russian Дунедайн Арнора
Samoan Dúnedain o Arnor
Serbian Дунедаин оф Арнор ? (Cyrillic) Dúnedain od Arnor (Latin)
Sesotho Dúnedain ea Arnor
Scottish Gaelic Dúnedain de Arnor
Sinhalese ආර්නර්හි ඩුනේඩේන්
Slovak Dúnedain z Arnor
Spanish Dúnedain de Arnor
Swahili Dúnedain ya Arnor
Swedish Dúnedain av Arnor
Tagalog Dúnedain ng Arnor
Tahitian Dúnedain o te Arnor
Tajik Cyrillic Дунедаин аз Арнор
Tamil ஆர்னரின் டூனிடெய்ன்
Telugu అర్నర్ యొక్క డునెదైన
Thai ดูเนไดน์ของอาร์นอร์
Tongan Dúnedain 'o e Arnor
Turkish Arnor'un Dúnedain
Ukrainian Cyrillic Дунедайн з Арнора
Uzbek Арнор Дуннедаин (Cyrillic) Arnor Dunnedain (Latin)
Vietnamese Dúnedain của Arnor
Welsh Dúnedain o Arnor
Xhosa Dúnedain kaArnor
Yiddish דúנעדאַין פון אַרנאָר
Yucatec Maya Dúnedain u Arnor


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