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This article is about the council in Rivendell. For the chapter, see The Council of Elrond (disambiguation).

The Council of Elrond as seen in Peter Jackson's film The Fellowship of the Ring

The Council of Elrond was a secret meeting held by Elrond in Rivendell on October 25, 3018 of the Third Age, in order to determine the fate of the One Ring.

Those present at this council represented the three free races of Middle-earth: Men, Elves, and Dwarves.


Elrond had not sent out summons beforehand for the council; instead, many of its attendees such as Boromir, Legolas, Gimli, and others had happened to convene at Rivendell in that week, each for different reasons. Elrond called the meeting upon this convenience, most importantly because Frodo, bearer of the Ring in question, had been brought there by Glorfindel earlier.

At the Council, the full story of the Ring was told by Bilbo and Gandalf. Elrond and the others agreed that the Ring brought by Frodo was indeed the One Ring, based on evidence provided by Gandalf.

Gandalf related his meeting with Saruman and subsequent imprisonment by the traitor in Orthanc.

Boromir described the dream he and his brother Faramir had experienced, and which led him to come to Rivendell. He pleaded that the Ring should be used to aid Gondor in its struggle against Mordor, but the others cautioned him that it would inevitably corrupt anyone who used it. Only a mighty person could hope to wield the Ring against Sauron, and they would in time become a new Dark Lord whether they wished it or not. Hence, Boromir reluctantly accepted this conclusion.

Glóin, Gimli's father, spoke of evil messengers who had come to the Lonely Mountain promising the return of one or more of the Seven rings if they would reveal the location of Bilbo Baggins. The possibility of war with Sauron's allies in the region was troubling, but Gandalf was relieved that at least Smaug the dragon was no longer around for the Dark Lord to use. The Dwarves had also came seeking news of what happened to Balin, who went to Moria in TA 2989 with Ori and Óin.

The Council in session

Legolas conveyed the bad news that Gollum had escaped captivity and disappeared. Aragorn had gone to great lengths to capture the debased creature, who had possessed the Ring for centuries under the Misty Mountains. After his capture, Aragorn and Gandalf had interrogated Gollum, and found to their dismay that he had been to Mordor. Apparently, while under torment there, Gollum had confessed both that he had held the One Ring and that Bilbo had taken it to the Shire.

A number of different fates were suggested for the Ring, including casting it into the sea, or bringing it to Valinor to be guarded by the Valar. Ultimately, it was decided that the only way to be free of Sauron's evil was to cast the Ring into the Cracks of Doom in Mount Doom (in Mordor), where it would be unmade. This might well undo the power of the three Elf-rings, but would certainly render Sauron impotent and free Middle-earth from his menace forever.

Tom Bombadil was also mentioned as a possible Ring-bearer since the Ring had no effect on him, but Gandalf stated that Tom, who was quite nonchalant about events in the world, would likely lose it.

It then became necessary to decide who should take responsibility for such a perilous undertaking. Bilbo offered to finish the job he had started, but Gandalf told him he could not take back the Ring. Frodo surprised everyone (including himself) by announcing that he would take the Ring, and after some thought Elrond agreed. At this point Sam emerged from hiding and demanded to accompany Frodo, and Elrond consented.

The matter of who else should accompany Frodo (later to be known as the Fellowship of the Ring, hence the title of the book and subsequent movie) was decided later.[1]


Those present at the Council had arrived at Rivendell by different paths and on separate errands, yet were all ultimately concerned with the Ring and its threat to Middle-earth.

Important participants at the Council were:


Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Konsilie van Elrond
Albanian Këshilli i Elrond
Arabic مجلس الروند
Aragonese Concilio de Elrond
Armenian Էլրոնդի Խորհուրդ
Asturian Conseyu d' Elrond
Azerbaijani Elrondın şurası
Basque Elrondeko Kontseilua
Belarusian Cyrillic Савет Элранды
Bengali কাউন্সিল অব এল্রন্দ্
Bosnian Vijeće Elronda
Breton Kuzul Elrond
Bulgarian Cyrillic Съвет на Елронд
Catalan Consell d'Elrond
Chinese (Hong Kong) 愛隆會議
Cornish Konsel Elrond
Corsican Cunsigliu di Elrond
Croatian Vijeće Elronda
Czech Rada Elronda
Danish Elronds Rådsforsamling
Dutch Raad van Elrond
Estonian Elrond Nõukogu
Faroese Elrondsráðið
Fijian Matabose ni Elrond
Frisian Riad faan Elrond (Northern) Rie fan Elrond (Western)
Esperanto Konsilio de Elrond
Filipino Konseho sa Elrond
Finnish Elrondin neuvonpito
French Conseil d'Elrond
Galician Consello de Elrond
Georgian ელრონდის საბჭოს
German Elronds Rat
Greek Συμβούλιο της Ελρονδ
Haitian Creole Konsey Elrond
Hausa Majalisar Elrond
Hebrew מועצת-אלרונד
Hindi एल्रोन्द् परिषद
Hmong Pawg neeg ntawm Elrond
Hungarian Elrond tanácsa
Icelandic Elrondráðið
Indonesian Dewan Elrond
Irish Gaelic Comhairle na Elrond
Italian Consiglio di Elrond
Japanese エルロンド評議会
Javanese Pasamuan ing Elrond
Kannada ಎಲ್ರಾಂಡ್ ಕೌನ್ಸಿಲ್
Korean 엘론드 공의회
Kurdish Encûmena ji Elrond (Kurmanji Kurdish)
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Элронд кеңеши
Ladino Konsejo de Elrond
Latin Consilium Elronde
Latvian Elronds Padome
Lithuanian Elrondo taryboje
Luxembourgish Conseil vum Elrond
Macedonian Cyrillic Совет на Елронд
Malaysian Majlis Elrond
Maltese Kunsill ta ' l-Elrond
Manx Coonseil ny h-Elrond
Marathi एलोन्ड परिषद
Mirandese Cunselho de Elrond
Mongolian Cyrillic Элронд-ийн зөвлөл
Nepalese एल्रन्डको परिषद
Northern Sami Elrondsráđđi
Norwegian Elrondsnemnd
Occitan Conselh d'Elrond
Persian شورای الروند
Polish Narada u Elronda
Portuguese Conselho de Elrond
Punjabi ਏਲ੍ਰੋਨ੍ਦ ਦੇ ਪ੍ਰੀਸ਼ਦ
Romanian Consiliul lui Elrond
Romansh Cussegl da l'Elrond
Russian Совет Элронда
Samoan Aufono a le Elrond
Sardinian Conciliu di Elrond
Scots Cooncil o Elrond
Scottish Gaelic Comhairle de Elrond
Serbian Савет Елронда (Cyrillic) Savet Elronda (Latin)
Sicilian Cunciliu di Elrond
Sinhalese ඇල්රොන්ඩ් කවුන්සිලය
Slovak Elrondský rada
Slovenian Elrondinski svet
Somalian Golaha Elrond
Spanish Concilio de Elrond
Sundanese Déwan Elrond
Swahili Mtaguso wa Elrond
Swedish Elrondsnämnd
Tagalog Konseho ng Elrond
Tajik Cyrillic Шӯрои Елронд
Tamil எல்ரோன் கவுன்சில்
Telugu ఎల్రోండ్ కౌన్సిల్
Thai ที่ประชุมของเอลรอนด์
Tongan Fakataha alelea 'a e Elrond
Turkish Elrond'un konseyi
Ukrainian Cyrillic Рада Елронда
Urdu کونسل آف الرونڈ
Uzbek Елрондъс боард (Cyrillic) Elrondning kengashi (Latin)
Vietnamese Công đồng Elrond
Welsh Cyngor Elrond
Xhosa Ibhunga lase-Elrond
Yiddish ראַט פון עלראָנד
Yoruba Igbimọ ti Elrond
Zulu Umkhandlu wase-Elrond