Combe was a village in Bree-land. It was located on the northeastern side of Bree-hill in a deep valley about two miles southwest of Chetwood and Archet, and about one mile north of Staddle. It was populated mostly by Men.[1]



Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic كمب
Belarusian Cyrillic лагчына
Bengali গিরিখাত
Bulgarian Cyrillic дефиле
Czech Jámy
Dutch Kom
German Schlucht
Gujarati ખીણ
Haitian Creole Konb
Hebrew קומב
Hindi कॉम्बे
Kannada ಕೂಂಬ್
Korean 뭉친
Slovak Hreblová
Hungarian Fenekes
Japanese ・ クーム
Marathi छोटी उभी दरी
Persian دره باریک
Portuguese Vale
Russian Гребешок
Swedish Kjuse
Telugu కాంబ్
Turkish Vadi
Urdu نالا
Vietnamese Thung lũng nhỏ


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