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A Cold-drake, possibly Gostir, by Kevin Ward

Cold-drakes were dragons that lacked the great power of all of Middle-earth's most infamous dragons (Ancalagon, Glaurung, and Smaug): the ability to breathe fire. Nonetheless, they were strong foes with iron-hard scales, wicked claws, bold tails and terrible fangs.


Though most did not survive the War of Wrath at the end of the First Age, some escaped eastward and remained in the far north, above the Grey Mountains, and in the Withered Heath. As the millennia passed, the cold-drakes multiplied and became a serious threat to the Dwarves in the late Third Age. Eventually, war was declared. In TA 2589, Dáin I, King of Durin's Folk, and his second son Frór, were slain at the gates of their own hall by a gigantic cold-drake. With the ongoing attacks of these fierce creatures, the majority of the Dwarves decided to migrate eastwards from the Grey Mountains. Soon afterwards, the Iron Hills and the Lonely Mountain became the major dwellings of the Longbeards (the inhabitants of Khazad-dûm). Tolkien gives no hint to the history of the cold-drakes after this time period.

Four hundred years later, at the time of Bilbo Baggins' journey to Erebor, they seem to have left the Grey Mountains (as implied by Gandalf making no mention of them when describing the dangers of that region).


Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Koue jakkalse
Albanian Dragona të ftohta
Arabic تنانين البارد
Armenian Սառը դրակոններ
Azerbaijani Soyuq əjdahalar
Basque Hotza herensugeak
Belarusian Cyrillic Халодныя драконы
Bengali ঠান্ডা ড্রাগন
Bulgarian Cyrillic Студени дракони
Catalan Dracs freds
Croatian Hladni zmajevi
Czech Chladní draci
Dutch Koudedraken
Estonian Külma draakonid
Faroese Kaldadrekarnir
Finnish Hyykäärmeet
Danish Koldedrager
Georgian ცივი დრაკონები
German Kaltdrachen
Greek Κρύους δράκους
Gujarati ઠંડા ડ્રેગન
Hebrew דרקוני הקור
Hindi कोल्ड ड्रेगन
Hungarian Hideg-sárkányok
Icelandic Kaldirdrekar
Indonesian Naga-naga dingin
Italian Draghi freddi
Japanese 冷血竜
Kazakh Суық айдаһарлар (Cyrillic) Swıq aydaharlar (Latin)
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Суук-ажыдаарлар
Laotian ມັງກອນເຢັນ
Latvian Auksti pūķi
Lithuanian Šalti drakonai
Luxembourgish Kaledraachen
Macedonian Cyrillic Ладни змејови
Malaysian Naga-naga sejuk
Mongolian Cyrillic Хүйтэн луунууд
Nepalese ठण्ड ड्रेगनहरू
Norwegian Kaldedrager
Persian اژدهاها سرد
Polish Smoki zimne
Portuguese Dragões frios
Romanian Dragonii rece
Russian Холодные драконы
Scottish Gaelic Drogaichean fuar
Serbian Хладни змајеви (Cyrillic) Hladni zmajevi (Latin)
Sinhalese සීතල මකරුන්
Slovak Chladní draci
Slovenian Hladni zmaji
Spanish Dragones frios
Swedish Kalldrakar
Tamil குளிர் டிராகன்கள்
Telugu కోల్డ్ డ్రాగన్స్
Thai มังกรเย็น
Turkish Soğuk ejderhalar
Ukrainian Cyrillic Холодні-дракони
Vietnamese Lạnh Con rồng
Uzbek Совуқ аждарлар (Cyrillic) Sovuq ajdarlar (Latin)
Welsh Dreigiau Oer
Yiddish קאַלט דראַגאָנס ?
Yoruba Tutu dragoni
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