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The Citadel viewed from above in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

The Citadel of Gondor was the topmost circle of the city of Minas Tirith, within the seventh wall. Within the citadel was the White Tower of Ecthelion, which housed the Tower Hall. Several other buildings were located here as well.


In the center was the White Tower, rising to a great height. Behind was the king's house, where the Kings of Gondor once lived. To one side was the feast hall Merethrond, where banquets and dances were held. In front of the tower was the Place of the Fountain, a courtyard containing the White tree and a central fountain. The Citadel was accessed via a wide tunnel through the hill that led to a small arched gate with a keystone in the shape of a king's head. As with all the city's levels, the Citadel had a high wall, the rampart of which crowned the great up thrust 'keel' of rock separating five of the seven circles.

The White Tree of Gondor, in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Probably the most important symbolic area of the city, the Place of the Fountain was the home of the great White Tree. It was a large circular grass area with the White Tree being the central feature. Next to the tree was a pool with the fountain that gave the courtyard its name. The Tree symbolized Gondor, and was the emblem of the realm. The Tree was grown from a seed of Nimloth, the tree given to the Númenóreans by the Eldar. It was planted by Isildur, and grew to symbolize the blessings of Men. But in the third age the tree was dead, perhaps symbolizing Minas Tirith's decline. It was only with the crowning of Aragorn Elessar that a new sapling was founded, foreshadowing the City's return to glory under the new King.[1][2]


Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Sitadel van Minas Tirith
Arabic معقل ميناس تيريث
Armenian Մինաշ Տիրիտհ Միջնաբերդ
Asturian Ciudadela d'Minas Tirith
Azerbaijani Minas Tirith Qalasında
Basque Minas Tirithko zitadela
Belarusian Cyrillic Мі́нас Ты́рыт цытадэль
Bosnian Minas Tirithova citadela
Bulgarian Cyrillic Цитадела на Минас Тирит
Catalan Ciutadella d'Minas Tirith
Croatian Minas Tirithska citadela
Czech Citadela v Minas Tirith
Danish Borgen (i Minas Tirith)
Dutch Citadel van Minas Tirith
Esperanto Citadelo de Minas Tirith
Estonian Minas Tirithi tsitadell
Finnish Minas Tirithin Sitadelli
French Citadelle de Minas Tirith
Georgian მინას ტირითის ციტადელი
German Zitadelle von Minas Tirith
Greek Ακρόπολη του Μίνας Τίριθ
Hebrew מצודת מינאס טירית
Hindi मिनस तीरिथ का दुर्ग
Indonesian Istana Minas Tirith
Italian Cittadella di Minas Tirith
Japanese ミナス・ティリス 城塞
Korean 미나스 티리스 성채
Latvian Minas Tiritho citadelė
Lithuanian Minas Tiritho citadelė
Luxembourgish Zitadell vu Minas Tirith
Malaysian Istana kota Minas Tirith
Mongolian Cyrillic Минас Тирит-ийн цайз
Nepalese मिनस तिरिथको कोट
Norwegian Minas Tirith citadell
Persian ارگ میناس تیریت
Polish Cytadela w Minas Tirith
Portuguese Cidadela de Minas Tirith
Romanian Citadela din Minas Tirith
Russian Цитадель Минас Тирита
Slovak Minas Tirith citadela
Slovenian Minas Tirith citadela
Spanish Ciudadela de Minas Tirith
Swedish Minas Tiriths citadell
Turkish Minas Tirith İç kale
Ukrainian Cyrillic Цитадель Мінас-Тіріт
Uzbek Минас Тиритнинг арк (Cyrillic) Minas Tiritning ark (Latin)