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The Cave Drake on Games

The Cave Drake is a non-canonical dragon-beast that was first released for Games Workshop's Khazad-dûm supplement in 2007 to The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game. This drake bears little resemblance to the Fire-drake or the Broods from The Battle for Middle-earth II and The Rise of the Witch-king, being a wingless, subterranean creature. It has four long tentacle-like feelers, sharp claws/fangs, long spines, snake-like tail, yellow glowing eyes and deadly arms/legs. It can lay eggs, spawning a Cave Drake Brood during the game.

Creature description at Games

"Cave Drakes are subterranean predators who inhabit the cool, dark places deep within the bowels of the earth. With powerful jaws they crush and tear at their foes, and with dagger-sharp claws they can slice through even the finest armour. Possessed of a voracious appetite, Cave Drakes have been known to consume warriors in the midst of battle, gulping down their unfortunate victim before continuing their rampage.

This box set contains one large metal Cave Drake supplied with a large oval base. Also included are one baby Cave Drake and a clutch of Cave Drake eggs."

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