Standardising and separating Edit

Category:Browse says it is the top category. Good - that matches the Wikia standard, as seen on all new Wikia sites since the Starter Pages Wikia began to be used as the starter package for new sites, some time after this wiki was started.

However, the standard top category has just three subcategories: Content, Files, and Organization.

  • Content: "This area of the site is for articles regarding the subject of the wiki. Add your own subcategories to this area, and endeavour to categorise all content somewhere under here."
  • Files: Self-explanatory; most are images but some wikis have videos and other files as separate subcategories.
  • Organization: "The area of the site for subcategories and other pages about the wiki's organization, administration, and maintenance. "

Most of the subcategories here would be in Category:Content, so that people interested in Tolkien and Rings and Hobbits and Actors would not be distracted by subcategories about templates and copyright and editing styles and categorization and administrators and "Articles with unsourced statements".

Most of the others would be in Category:Organization, which could be looked at by people currently interested in those wiki-organization matters, not mingled with Tolkien and Peter Jackson.

I'm willing to recategorize what should clearly be in Category:Organization if there's some consensus that it might be a good idea. Then the rest could be left where they are or preferably moved to Category:Content.

-- Robin Patterson (Talk) 09:04, July 20, 2011 (UTC)

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