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History of Arda


Valian Years

Years of the Valar
Years of the Trees

Years of the Sun

Ages of Arda

First Age
Second Age
Third Age
Fourth Age

Dagor Dagorath

Timeline of Arda

Real and authored days, months, and years.

See Category:Eras for longer periods.

For their article pages:

  1. "Anno Domini", i.e. "AD" (sometimes called "CE"), years have the plain numbers.
  2. Earlier times have abbreviations, e.g. TA 2890.
  3. For dates of the Fourth Age, the abbreviation is "FO" instead of "FA".
  4. All date articles must be categorised under "dates" and under the specific Era, using a four-digit piped link, e.g. [[Category:Dates|FO 0001]] and [[Category:Fourth Age|FO 0001]] for Fourth Age 1, so that they list chronologically within their groups.

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